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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 14640

Chapter 14640 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Relationship between the change of growing season and irrigation in upland crops. 2. Relationships between planting time, plant population and irrigation in soybean culture
, Proc. Crop Sci. Soc. Japan, Japan 34: 127-132 (1965)

Relationship between the change of the cellulose and lignin contents in the haulm of spring barley and the lodging rate of the same variety
, Rostl. Vyroba 15(3): 265-73. Bibl. 5 (1969)

Relationship between the chemical composition of grass and frequency of hypomagnesaemia (grass tetany) in milk cows
, C.R. Acad. Agric. Fr 50: 540-569 (1964)

Relationship between the chemical composition of grass and the frequency of grass tetany in dairy cows
, C. r. Acad. Agric, Paris 50: 540-569 (1964)

Relationship between the chemical structure of new amine derivatives and plant physiological activity
, J. agric. chem. Soc. Japan 43(1): 28-36. Bibl. 9 (1969)

Relationship between the composition of cheese milk and of cheese
, Milchwissenschaft 21(9): 551-56 (1966)

Relationship between the concentration and the rate of esterification of free cholesterol by the plasma esterification system
, Clin Chim Acta 15(2): 269-273 (1967)

Relationship between the content of organic matter and physical properties of hydrogenic soils
, Polish Journal of Soil Science 3(1): 3-9 (1970)

Relationship between the content of some chemical elements and the presence of the fine fraction in podzolized morainic soil bed-rocks of the Latvian SSR
, Pochva i Urozhai 18: 257-269 (1971)

Relationship between the contents of chlorophyll and haematin in plastids
, Izv. Akad. N auk beloruss. SSR (Ser. biol. Nauk). 5, 35-8. Bibl. 12 (1969)

Relationship between the contents of fat and protein in cows' milk
, Vest. sel.-khoz. Nauki. Mosk. 11(11): 60-68 (1966)

Relationship between the course of gametocyte appearance of Akiba caulleryi in the chicken and sporozoite production in Culicoides arakawae
, Natn. Inst. Anim. Hlth Qt, Tokyo 8: 204-209 (1968)

Relationship between the cystine and tryptophan contents of 5 different lysozymes and their heat stability and specific activity
, Biochim. biophys. Acto 128(3): 568-70 (1966)

Relationship between the degree of synergism and structural changes of Gardona analogues tested against house flies
, Journal of Economic Entomology 65(3): 629-632 (1972)

Relationship between the dielectric constant of an ejaculate and the main parameters of the spermiogram in boars
, Vet. Med, Praha., 17: 91-95 (1972)

Relationship between the effect of granulated systemic insecticides and the culture density of crops
, Tech. Bull. Foe. Hort. Chiba Univ, 16, 37-40. Bibl. 4 (1968)

Relationship between the effects of water deficiency, saline or cold media of roots and contents of proline, pipecolic acid and total amino acid of plants
, Z. PflErnahr. Bodenk, 124: 1, 36-42. Bibl. 11 (1969)

Relationship between the electrical resistance of the vaginal mucosa and fertility in cows in normal condition and with vitamin A deficiency
, Liet. vet. Akad. Darb 9: 49-59 (1969)

Relationship between the elongation rate of the stem of Cicer arietinum and certain aspects of carbohydrate metabolism
, C. r. hebd. Seam. Acad. Sci, Paris (D)., 268: 3, 512-15. Bibl. 3 (1969)

Relationship between the ether extract content of Karoo shrubs and their palatability to sheep
, S. Afr. J. agric. Sci 10(4): 867-73. Bibl. 3 (1967)

Relationship between the evapotranspiration of rice and pan evaporation
, Acta Agronomica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 20(1/2): 117-121 (1971)

Relationship between the evolution of C5H8 by leaves and the oxygen pressure in the atmosphere
, Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR. 167(3): 714-6 (1966)

Relationship between the extension plan and investments in co-operative farms
, Penzugyi Szle. Budapest 10(3): 227-35 (1966)

Relationship between the eye muscle area measured at three points along the back and meat:fat ratio in Bulgarian White pigs
, Zhivot. Nauk 6(1): 110-113 (1969)

Relationship between the failure of cows to conceive and allergy (to semen diluent)
, VetMed. Nauki, Sof 3: 1039-1044 (1966)

Relationship between the forests of the regions of the Mayombe and the Dembos. An outline of the principal factors
, Boletim do Instituto de Investigacao Cientifica de Angola, Luanda 1(2): 257-65 (1965)

Relationship between the frequency of mastitis and milking technique
, Kieler milchw. ForschBer 23: 27-44 (1971)

Relationship between the growth of the sugar cane plant and the absorption of K and Na
, Rep. Taiwan Sugar Exp. Stat, 36, 101-7. bibl. 12 (1964)

Relationship between the herbicidal action of 3,4-dichlorobenzyl methylcarbamate and the inhibition of chlorophyll synthesis
, Abstr. Meet. Weed Soc. Am, 48-9 (1966)

Relationship between the host specificity of pathogen and phytoalexin
, Ann. phytopath. Soc. Japan 29(3): 103-110 (1964)

Relationship between the immune precipitates of swine fever and mimosa disease of cattle
, Arch. ges. Virusforsch 33: 385-393 (1971)

Relationship between the incidence of Heterodera schachtii Schmidt and sugar beet yield
, Ochrana Rostlin. Prague 7(4): 271-276 (1971)

Relationship between the incidence of tuberculosis, age and number of lactations in cattle
, Vet. Med, Praha 10(1): 1-10 (1965)

Relationship between the infectiousness and immunogenicity of the blood of store pigs with swine fever
, Arch. exp. VetMed 22: 953-958 (1968)

Relationship between the ingredients of semipurified diets and nutritional nephrocalcinosis of rats
, American Journal of Pathology 65(1): 269-278 (1971)

Relationship between the inhibitory effects of 5,6-epoxyxanthophylls and phototropism
, Physiologia Plantarum 24(3): 363-368 (1971)

Relationship between the intensity of the outward signs of oestrus, maturation of the Graafian follicle, and infection of the genital tract in mares during the breeding season
, Acta agr. silvest. Ser. zootech, Krakow., 5: 53-57 (1965)

Relationship between the intensity of veil and other characters in silver-black foxes
, Nauch. Trudy nauchno-issled. Inst. pushn. Zverovod. Krolikovod. 10: 51-56 (1970)

Relationship between the iron, copper, manganese and molybdenum contents in plants and the contents and pH of the soil. 1. Species of Quercus
, An. Edafol. Agrobiol 23: 91-97 (1964)

Relationship between the keeping quality properties of grade A raw milk and standard plate, thermoduric and coliform counts
, Milk Fd Technol 29(4): 122-25 (1966)

Relationship between the length of dry period and performance of Red Danish cows and their F1 crosses
, Zhivotn. Nauki. Sof. 4(5): 81-88 (1967)

Relationship between the level of corticosteroid hormones in blood and urine and some growth and carcass characters in pigs
, Zhivot. Nauk 8(5): 63-69 (1971)

Relationship between the level of lipids in the blood of pigs and carcass characters
, Roczn. Nauk roln, 84: 1964, 817-826 (1965)

Relationship between the localization of endocarditis in pigs and the kind of bacteria isolated
, Tijdschr. Dier geneesk 89: 605-608 (1964)

Relationship between the loci controlling the polymorphism of as- and beta -caseins
, C.r. hebd. Seanc. Acad. Sci, Paris., 259: 8, 1569-71 (1964)

Relationship between the manuring of Italian ryegrass and Subsequent rice cropping
, Bull. Shikoku agric. Exp. Stn 14: 117-134 (1966)

Relationship between the mineral uptake and dry-matter yield of overground parts of Panicum miliaceum in pot experiments
, Ust. ved. Inf. MZLVH Rosti. Vyroba 38: 909-926 (1965)

Relationship between the morphology of Claviceps purpurea and the production of alkaloids
, Trans. Br. mycol. Soc 51(3-4): 499-505 (1968)

Relationship between the neurotoxicity and in vivo toxicity of certain cyclodiene insecticides in the German cockroach
, J. econ. Ent 63(6): 1731-1734 (1970)

Relationship between the nitrogen content and the heat of combustion value of sheep urine
, J Anim Sci 23(2): 528-532 (1964)

Relationship between the number of larvae of some Strongylata with the number of these nematodes in sheep
, Trudy omsk. vet. Inst 24: 176-180 (1966)

Relationship between the number of ovulations and the establishment of multifoetal pregnancy in French Friesian cows
, Annls Biol. anim. Biochim. Biophys 1: 81-85 (1970)

Relationship between the number of spike-lets on single combs in the fowl and the presence of the rugged/smooth gene modifying rose combs
, Annls Biol. anim. Biochim. Biophys 7: 205-207 (1967)

Relationship between the oyarial development and the appearance of nymphs in the arrowhead scale, with special reference to its application to forecasting
, Jap. J. appl. Ent. Zool 13(1): 31-39 (1969)

Relationship between the parameters, 2 states in the soil
, Dokl. Akad. olgarii 2: 307-315 (1969)

Relationship between the percentage of crude protein and digestible protein in some forages of West Pakistan
, W. Pak. Jnl agric. Res 5(2): 172-8. Bibl. 13 (1967)

Relationship between the percentages of crude protein and apparently digestible protein in some forages of Puerto Rico
, J Agr Univ Puerto Rico 49(1): 145-148 (1965)

Relationship between the periodicity of growth and dormancy of vegetative organs and changes in the content of growth substances in Pinus sylvestris
, Trudy Har'kovsk. Sel'skohoz. Inst 57(94): 53-8 (1966)

Relationship between the phenomena of extract-release volume and water-holding capacity of meats as simple and rapid methods for determining microbial quality of beef
, Health Laboratory Science 3(2): 101-110 (1966)

Relationship between the Physical Nature of Mitochondrial Membranes and Chilling Sensitivity in Plants
, Plant Physiology 39(2): 262-268 (1964)

Relationship between the pipe-colic acid content of the leaves and the physiological condition of the rice plant
, Riso 17(1): 13-22. Bibl. 19 (1968)

Relationship between the productivity of paddy soils and their physical and chemical properties
, Research Reports of the Office of Rural Development (Plant Enviroment). 14, 1-6 (1971)

Relationship between the progeny tests of father and son for milk yield and milk fat percentage
, Vlaams dier-geneesk. Tijdschr 40(3): 153-158 (1971)

Relationship between the proportion of mineral elements in horizons of the sandy soils of the Gascony heathlands and the growth of Pinus pinaster Sol. The importance of the Mg/P ratio
, Comptes Rendus Hebdomadaires des Seances de l'Academie des Sciences. 274D: 23, 3096-3101 (1972)

Relationship between the rate of tomato ripening and air temperature in 1967
, Duna-Tisza Kozi mezogazd. kiserl. Int. Bull 4: 23-9. bibl. 6 (1969)

Relationship between the reaction and colour effect of divalent iron compounds in solutions and colloidal suspensions
, Roczniki glebozn 15: 299-304 (1965)

Relationship between the reproductive capacity of bulls and breed, maturity and sexual potency
, Moloch.-m"yas. Skotarst, Kyyiv, 14, 100-104 (1969)

Relationship between the response of oats to crown rust and kernel density
, Phytopathology 55(5): 579-582 (1965)

Relationship between the restriction of food intake and Melitracen, an antidepressant, in the rat
, Acta Scholae Medicinalis Universitatis in Kioto 40(1): 25-37 (1967)

Relationship between the ring zone phenomenon and interferon
, Zentbl. Bakt 195: 227-240 (1964)

Relationship between the ripening of harvested fruits and the respiratory pattern. I. The type of respiratory pattern in Japanese persimmons, Diospyros kaki
, J. Jap. Soc. hort. Sci 38: 194-201. bibl. 22 (1969)

Relationship between the seasonal development of the tarnished plant bug, Lygus lineolaris (Beauv.) (Hemiptera: Miridac) and its injury to peach fruit
, Proc. ent. Soc. Ont 96: 103-107 (1966)

Relationship between the seasonal development of the tarnished plant bug, Lygus lineolaris (Beauy.) (Hemiptera : Miridae) and its injury to peach fruit
, Proc. ent. Soc. Ont 96: 103-7. bibl. 2 (1965)

Relationship between the seasonal dynamics of Moniezia infection and the copper content of pasture plants
, Mater. Konf. vses. Obshch. Gel'mint, Moskva 1: 158-163 (1968)

Relationship between the secondary growth of Fita potato tubers and their yield and quality
, Zesz. nauk. wyzsz. Szk. roln. Olsztyn 24(1): 125-45. Bibl. 12 (1968)

Relationship between the shape index and hatchability of eggs
, Riv. Zootec 38: 42-48 (1965)

Relationship between the size and performance of snap bean seeds
, N Y Agr Exp Sta Geneva Bull 819: 4-30 (1968)

Relationship between the size of inoculum and nodulation of soyabean
, Rosal. Vyroba. 15: 10, 1013-18. Bibl. 6 (1969)

Relationship between the size of udder and rump in Jersey cows
, Jap. J. zootech. Sci 35: 209-220 (1964)

Relationship between the soluble antigens of hog cholera and bovine viral diarrhoea viruses prepared in tissue culture
, Vet. Rec 76: 1177-1178 (1964)

Relationship between the speed of seedling growth and the produc-tivity of rye plants
, Vest. mosk. Univ. (Ser. 6. Biol. Pochv.). 5, 68-72. Bibl. 7 (1969)

Relationship between the stage of foot and mouth disease in pigs and the passive immunity conferred on mice by their immune sera
, Zentbl. VetMed, Forschungsanstalt fur Viruskrank-heiten der Tiere, 74 Tubingen, 14B: 553-561 (1967)

Relationship between the tarnished plant bug and deformed cotton plants
, J Econ Entomol 61(17): 114-118 (1968)

Relationship between the temperature factor and degree of resistance in spring barley
, Acta Facultatis Rerum Naturalium Universitatis Comenianae, Physiologia Plantarum, 4, 1-27. 3 pp (1971)

Relationship between the thyroid and adrenal glands of newborn dairy calves: histopathologic considerations
, American Journal of Veterinary Research 29(1): 47-66 (1968)

Relationship between the thyroid hormone and mineral metabolism in the rat
, Journal of Endocrinology 53(1): 113-123 (1972)

Relationship between the time of embryonic mortality and hatching time in the domestic fowl
, Poult. Sci 47: 1024-1025 (1968)

Relationship between the tone of aerial photographs and the moisture status of soils. An attempt at utilizing aerial photographs for soil survey
, J. Sci. Soil Manure, Tokyo 39: 499-504 (1968)

Relationship between the total and citric soluble forms of phosphorus and potassium in the alluvial and laterite soils of Madras State
, J Indian Soc Soil Sci 14(2): 85-89 (1966)

Relationship between the variation in the nitrate content of soils throughout the year and the growth of Poplars
, Lesn. Cas., Praha 11(1): 17-34 (1965)

Relationship between the vegetation types of America and two simple climatic variables
, Bol. Soc. Venez. Cienc. Nat, 27: 113/114, 454-76 (1968)

Relationship between the viability of cows and their weight at birth
, Vest. sel'.-khoz. Nauki. Mosk 12(6): 66-68 (1967)

Relationship between the virulent and immunogenic properties of Clostridium chauvoei
, VetMed. Nauki, Sof 5(8): 31-37 (1968)

Relationship between the water balance in the soil and the yield of sesame (Sesamum indicum)
, Agronomia Tropical, Venezuela 21(1): 49-57 (1971)

Relationship between the water potential of the soil and that of leaves in maize
, Oecologia pl 1(1): 63-77. Bibl. 10 (1966)

Relationship between the weight of geese before fattening and the amount of foie gras
, Roczn. Nauk roln 89: 413-418 (1967)

Relationship between the winter-hardiness of woody plants and features of their growth
, Vesci AN BSSR, (Ser. bijal. n.). 3, 44-8 (1966)

Relationship between the yellow dwarfing disease of Groundnut on a sandy soil (Dior) and pH; determination of a threshold for Rhizobium activity
, Agron. trop 25(6-7): 589-595 (1970)

Relationship between the yellow stunt disease of groundnut in a sandy soil (Dior) and pH; determination of a threshold for Khizobium activity
, Agron. trop, Paris 25: 589-595 (1970)

Relationship between the yield and quality of anise (Pimpinella anisum) and the time of harvesting
, Rasten. Nauki 1(2): 105-14. bibl. 21 (1964)

Relationship between the yield of green leaves and some of the anatomical characters of the tea leaf and shoot
, J. agric. Ass, China, 60, 42-57. bibl. 13 (1970)

Relationship between the yield of milk and its constituents and between individual constituents
, Zesz. nauk. wyzsz. Szk. roln. Olsztyn 21(3): 519-33 (1966)

Relationship between thiamine deficient cardiac lesions and myocardial and blood pyruvic acid contents
, Japanese Heart Journal 12(5): 474-485 (1971)

Relationship between thyroid gland activity and milk yield of cows
, Zivocisna Vyroba 15(2): 131-40 (1970)

Relationship between tiller extension growth, tiller number and winter yield of perennial grasses
, Fld Stn Rec. Div. Pl. Ind. CSIRO (Aust.) 7(2): 59-70. Bibl. 10 (1968)

Relationship between tiller number and the number of adventitious roots during the development of a durum wheat susceptible to radicular lodging, in relation to treatment with auxin, GA, kinetin, and growth inhibitors of the CCC type
, C. r. hebd. Seanc. Acad. Sci, Paris (D)., 266: 16, 1662-4. Bibl. 3 (1968)

Relationship between time and mode of application of fertilizer nitrogen to sugar cane
, Indian J. agric. Sci 40: 634-636 (1970)

Relationship between tissue zinc levels and maturity period of field beans
, Agron. J 61(6): 49-51. Bibl. 5 (1969)

Relationship between tocopherol status and in vivo hemolysis caused by hyperoxia
, Aerospace Medicine 40(2): 132-135 (1969)

Relationship between tolerances toward insulin and ruminal epithelial development in lambs
, Journal of Animal Science 28(3): 364-368 (1969)

Relationship between total cholesterol and cholesteryl esters with age in human blood plasma
, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 20(8): 808-815 (1967)

Relationship between total phosphorus and labile phosphorus in four characteristic Andalusian soils
, An. Edafol. Agrobiol 24: 683-692 (1965)

Relationship between total weight and weight of viscera and glands in poultry
, Archos Zootecnia 16: 209-230 (1967)

Relationship between toxaemia of pregnancy and thiamine deficiency
, Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology of the British Commonwealth 76(2): 123-126 (1969)

Relationship between toxicity and ant1biotic activity of moulds isolated from feeds and silages
, Allionia 14: 97-111. Bibl 26 (1968)

Relationship Between Toxigenicity and Sporulating Potency of Clostridium Novyi
, Journal of Bacteriology 89: 993-995 (1965)

Relationship between transferrin type and productive traits in beef steers
, J Anim Sci 26(1): 27-30 (1967)

Relationship between transferring type and milk production
, Studii Cerc. Biol. Ser. Zool, Inst. de Cercctari Zootehnice Roumania. 21(6): 471-476 (1969)

Relationship between transpiration and cambial activity in Abies balsamea
, Canad. J. Bot 48(6): 1027-32 (1970)

Relationship between transpiration and the internal water relations of plants
, Agron J 56(2): 127-130 (1964)

Relationship between transpiration, efficiency of water use, productivity and moisture regime in irrigated hybrid maize
, Studii Cerc. Biol. (Ser. bot.) 19(4): 339-46. Bibl. 12 (1967)

Relationship Between Tryptophan--Niacin Metabolism And Changes In Nitrogen Balance
, Journal of Nutrition 82: 395-400 (1964)

Relationship between tuber yield of potatoes and meteorological factors during the vegetative period in relation to fertilizer rates
, Trudy Instituta Eksperimental'noi Meteorologii. Glavnoe Upravlenie Gidrometeorologicheskoi Slyzhby pri Sovete Ministerov SSSR, 22, 137-144 (1971)

Relationship between two types of Leptospira in vitro and vivo. II. A study on the state of growth of two types of leptospira in mixed infections
, Acta microbiol. sin 11: 76-79 (1965)

Relationship between type of illness and asymptomatic staphyiococcal nasal infection in animals
, Vet. Med. small Anim. Clin 62: 861-863 (1967)

Relationship between type traits and longevity of daughters of New York Holstein sires
, J. Dairy Sci 52: 1823-1830 (1969)

Relationship between udder dimensions and milk yield in Slovak Red Pied cows
, Zivocisna Vyroba 13(3): 157-66 (1968)

Relationship between udder measurements and production capacity of Pinzgau cows with differing milk production
, Pol'nohospodarstvo. 14: 535-542 (1968)

Relationship between udder shape and milk yield in goats
, Chovatel 8(2): 38-39 (1969)

Relationship between udder shape and milking ability of fine-wooled sheep
, Ved. Pr. vysk. Ust. ovciarsk. Trencine. 5: 53-61 (1970)

Relationship between uptake of phosphorus by plants and the phosphorus potential and buffering capacity of the soil. An attempt to test Schofield's hypothesis
, Soil Sci 104(2): 99-106 (1967)

Relationship between utilization of fat and synthesis of cholesterol and total lipid in young female rats
, Journal of the American Oil Chemists' Society 42(11): 903-907 (1965)

Relationship between various characters of teats and milking characteristics in Holstein-Friesian cows
, Jap. J. zootech. Sci. 36(11): 496-505 (1965)

Relationship between various methods of determining protein in milk
, XVII Int. Dairy Congr, B: 169-75 (1966)

Relationship between various parameters characterizing the potassium status of soils and the grain yields of oats
, Sonderheft Landwirtschaftliche Forschung 26(1): 65-72 (1971)

Relationship between various teat characters and milking characteristics in Holstein cows
, Jap. J. zootech. Sci 36: 496-505 (1965)

Relationship between velocity of sound
, Holz Roh- u. Werkstoff 23(6): 227-36 (1965)

Relationship between viscosity and surface tension of sterilized milk during storage for 1 yr
, Zootec. e Vita 8(1): 32-34 (1965)

Relationship between vitamin B12 and propionate metabolism with special reference to stress of lactation
, Dissertation Absts. (B). 28: 48B (1967)

Relationship between vitamin D deficiency, thyrocalcitonin, and parathyroid hormone
, American Journal of Physiology 213(2): 358-362 (1967)

Relationship between water absorption and uptake of potassium or calcium in root systems
, Physiol Plant 17(4): 779-788 (1964)

Relationship between water and food intake in the rat
, Acta Physiologica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae 38(4): 291-297 (1970)

Relationship between water table leveis and type of mottles in four Ontario gleysols
, Can. J. Soil Sci 50: 453-455 (1970)

Relationship between weight of fruits and number of seeds in different varieties of tomato
, Selektsiya i semenovodstvo. Resp. mezh-ved. temat. nauchn. sb, 14, 114-121 (1969)

Relationship between weight of incubated eggs and hatchability
, Ptitsevodstvo 20(7): 24-25 (1970)

Relationship between weight of the egg to be incubated and that of the chicken hatched from it
, Revta Fac. Agron. Univ. nac. La Plata. 39: 11-21 (1964)

Relationship between wheat proteins
, J. Sci. Fd. Agric 21: 187-92 (1970)

Relationship between whole-blood riboflavin levels in the mother and in the prenate
, American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology 111(1): 43-46 (1971)

Relationship between xanthine oxidase and oxidized flavour in milk
, Z. Lebensmittelunters. u.-Forsch 133(5): 310-17 (1967)

Relationship between yield and earliness of ripening of maize hybrids in the central forest-steppe zone of the Ukraine
, Selektsiya i semenovodstvo. Resp. mezhved. temat. nauchn. sb, 14, 58-63 (1969)

Relationship between yield and moisture content in F1 lines of maize
, Anales Cientificos 7(3/4): 215-229 (1969)

Relationship between yield and percentage of diploids in polyploid varieties
, Sementi elette 14: 297-300 (1968)

Relationship beween food components and sodium chloride electrolytes. 1. Correlation of albumin and vegetable oils to chlorine and sodium
, J. Jap. Soc. Food Nutrition. 22: 607-610 (1969)

Relationship existing between reproductive capacity of M. persicae and the mineral nutrition of the food-plant by ionically balanced solutions
, Bull. Rech, agron. Gembloux (N.S.) 1(1): 140-152 (1966)

Relationship feetween the cation-exchange capacity of roots and the mineral composition of plants
, An. Edafol. Agrobiol 26: 1277-1293 (1968)

Relationship hi annual species of Medicago. I. Number and morphology of chromosomes
, Aust. J. agric. Res 16: 37-50 (1965)

Relationship in adsorption and absorption of cations by plant roots from salt solutions
, Madras Agricultural Journal 58(3): 228-232 (1971)

Relationship in annual species of Medicago. 6. Two-dimensional chromatography of the phenolics and analysis of the results by probabilistic similarity methods
, Aust. J. Bot 16(1): 89-100. Bibl. 16 (1968)

Relationship in annual species of Medicago. II. Interspecific crosses between M. tomata (L.) Mill, and M. littoralis Rhode
, Aust. J. Agric. Res 16: 51-60 (1965)

Relationship in annual species of Medicago. III. The complex M. littoralis Rhode- M. truncatula Gaertn
, Aust. J. Bot 15: 35-73 (1967)

Relationship in annual species of Medicago. IV. Interspecific graft affinities between selected species
, Aust. J. Bot 15: 75-82 (1967)

Relationship in annual species of Medicago. V. Analysis of phenolics by means of one-dimensional chromatographic techniques
, Aust J Bot 15(1): 83-93 (1967)

Relationship in cattle between the weight and body measurements of dams and the fattening performance and carcass characters of their sons
, Arch. Tierz, ForschZent. Tierprod. Dummerstorf-Rostock, Inst. Rinderzucht, Clausberg., 14: 187 (1971)

Relationship of B locus genotype with egg production in hens
, XIIth Eur. Conf. Anim. Blood Grps biochem. Polymorph, Bpest, 499-500 (1972)

Relationship of Black Walnut wood color to soil properties and site
, Wood and Fiber, Madison 1(1): 29-37 (1969)

Relationship of CELO virus infection to other diseases of fowls
, Dt.tierarztl. Wschr 75: 553-554; 557-558 (1968)

Relationship of Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis protoplasmic toxins to the exotoxin
, Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research 37(2): 97-103 (1970)

Relationship of Cryptococcus neoformans to pigeons in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
, Public Health Reports 81(12): 1119-1123 (1966)

Relationship of Erwinia herbicola to Erwinia amylovora
, Can. J. Bot 50(5): 1077-1083 (1972)

Relationship of Feulgen-DNA in milk and of milk quality test (MQT) to the number of milk somatic cells
, J. Milk Fd Technol 27(8): 228-30 (1964)

Relationship Of Histoplasma Capsulatum To Avian Habitats
, Public Health Reports 79: 266-270 (1964)

Relationship of IAA-oxidase activity to gibberellin-and IAA-induced elongation of light-grown cucumber seedlings
, Physiol. Plant 21: 1348-55. bibl. 23 (1968)

Relationship of Lodgepole Pine volume increment to crown competition factor, basal area, and site index
, For. Sci 12(1): 74-82 (1966 )

Relationship of Marek's disease (neural lymphomatosis) to lymphoid leukosis
, Avian Tumor Viruses. Houghton Poult. Res. Stn., Huntingdon, England., 83-98 (1964)

Relationship of Meloidogyne incognita acrita and Plasmodiophora brassicae in cabbage roots
, Phytopathology 55: 506 (1965)

Relationship of Navel orangeworm moths to hard shell and soft shell almonds
, Calif. Agric 25(1): 8-9 (1971)

Relationship of Oak wilt incidence to vegetation in south-central Pennsylvania
, Res. Briefs Sch. For. Resour. Pa. St. Univ 3(1): 7-20 (1968)

Relationship of Palmer drought variables to yield of winter wheat
, Agron. J 61(1): 95-8. Bibl. 9 (1969)

Relationship of Pea mosaic virus with its vector Aphis craccivora Koch
, Indian J. agrie. Sci 37(6): 476-482 (1967)

Relationship of Pythium spp. to Aphanomyces root rot of pea
, Phytopathology 56: 869 (1966)

Relationship of Torulopsis to Candida
, Lancet 1(7712): 1300-1301 (1971)

Relationship of Tribec virus to tick cells and tissues
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