Section 15
Chapter 14,646

Residues of chlortetracycline in muscles and organs of chickens following the use of feed mixtures containing various CTC content

Pleva, J.; Schlee, G.

Acta Univ. Agric., Fac. vet. Brno. 37: 417-424


Accession: 014645514

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Groups of chickens, 5 days old, were given for 55 days a broiler ration with or without 50, 100 or 200 mg chlortetracycline (CTC) per kg. At 14-day intervals 8 to 10 birds from each group were killed and CTC was estimated in breast and thigh muscle, livers and kidneys. No CTC was found at any time in organs of the control group and none or less than 0.04 micro g per g in breast, thigh or liver of those given 50 or 100 mg CTC per kg.

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