Response to selection in Australian Merino sheep. I. Selection for high clean wool weight, with a ceiling on fibre diameter and degree of skin wrinkle. Response in wool and body characteristics

Turner, H.N.wton Dolling, C.H.S.; Kennedy, J.F.

Aust. J. agric. Res 19: 79-112


DOI: 10.1071/ar9680079
Accession: 014648227

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Direct and correlated responses are reported for 2 groups of sheep selected for high clean wool weight. The work covers 2 periods. In the first (1950-59), both groups had selection against high av. Fibre diameter and high degree of skin wrinkle, but in 1 group (S) the performance of the ram's half-sibs was considered as well as his own, while in the other (MS) mass selection was practised for rams. For ewes, mass selection was practised in both groups.