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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 14652

Chapter 14652 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Zaets, T.L.; Borisova, T.A., 1971:
Resynthesis of tissue proteins after thermal burns

Clay, K.O., 1970:
Retail farm and industrial equipment

Macarthur, J.D.; Rashid, A., 1971:
Retail margins in the marketing of fruit and vegetables

Anonymous, 1969:
Retail prices of milk

Ten, W.H., 1970:
Retail pricing under profit maximization constraint: the case of the dairy industry

Salmi, T.J., 1971:
Retail refrigeration facilities of milk are inadequate

Nicolaus, L., 1967:
Retail trade of flowers, Part I

Nicolaus, L., 1969:
Retail trade of flowers. Part III- non-specialized trading

Hedrick, H.B.; Stringer, W.C.; Krause, G.F., 1969:
Retail yield comparison of average Good and average Choice conformation beef carcasses

Anon., 1969:
Retain colour, flavour stability with dry cheese in Henri's blue cheese dressing

Mazo, E.Z., 1966:
Retain intravarietal crossing

Gross, W.B., 1964:
Retained caseous yolk sacs caused by Escherichia coli

Wetherill, G.D., 1965:
Retained placenta in the bovine. A brief review

Nicholson, J.W.; Cunningham, H.M., 1965:
Retained placenta, abortions and abnormal calves from beef cows fed all-barley rations

Golovkin, N.A.; Kuzmin, M.P., 1970:
Retaining quality and decreasing weight loss during the cold storage of apples

George, C.W., 1971:
Retardant salt concentration measured in the field

Modlibowska, I., 1969:
Retardants most effective if applied early to growing tissues

Vince, M.A., 1968:
Retardation as a factor in the synchronization of hatching

Adedipe, N.O.; Fletcher, R.A., 1970:
Retardation of bean leaf senescence by benzyladenine and its influence on phosphate metabolism

Michniewicz, M.; Chrominski, A.; Belt, H., 1968:
Retardation of chlorophyll degradation as possible effect of (2-chloroethyl) trimethylammonium chloride on increase of winter grain yield

Boyd, R.J.; Hildebrandt, A.C.; Allen, O.N., 1971:
Retardation of crown gall enlargement after bacteriophage treatment

Peterson, D.W.; Hamilton, W.H.; Lilyblade, A.L., 1971:
Retardation of fatty infiltration in atrophic muscle of genetically dystrophic chickens by diet or exercise

Barbosa, P.; Peters, T.M., 1970:
Retardation of growth rate in Aedes aegypti (L.) larvae exposed to vital dyes

Chevone, B.I.; Peters, T.M., 1969:
Retardation of larval development of Aedes aegypti (L.) by the vital dye, Nile Blue Sulfate (A)

Adedipe, N.O.; Fletcher, R.A., 1971:
Retardation of leaf senescence by benzyladenine in bean plants is not dependent on mobilization

Fletcher, R.A., 1969:
Retardation of leaf senescence by benzyladenine in intact bean plants

Satoh, K., 1970:
Retardation of mammary involution in mice by oestrogen and progesterone

Hasan, S.H.; Nakagawa, Y.; Kotaki, A.; Yagi, K., 1970:
Retardation of microsomal protein synthesis in rat liver due to induction of Handler's experimental fatty liver

Griffiths, C.M.; Macwilliam, I.C., 1967:
Retardation of modification and enzyme formation in barley endosperm by steep liquors and other substances

Rawlins, F.A.; Uzman, B.G., 1970:
Retardation of peripheral nerve myelination in mice treated with inhibitors of cholesterol biosynthesis

Martinat, F.; Legault, C.; D.M.snil D.B.isson, F.; Ollivier, L.; Signoret, J.P., 1970:
Retardation of puberty in the sow

Frings, H.M.K., 1968:
Retardation of the beginning of lay

Mayne, R.Y.; Harper, G.A.; Franz, A.O.; Lee, L.S.; Goldblatt, L.A., 1969:
Retardation of the elaboration of aflatoxin in Cottonseed by impermeability of the seedcoats

Wu, J.H., 1971:
Retardation of ultraviolet light accelerated leaf senescence by a cytokinin : N6 benzyladenine

Afify, A.M.; Matter, M.M., 1970:
Retarded effect of Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner on the fecundity of Anagasta kuehniella (Zell.)

Gaudier, B.; Ponte, C.; Duquennoy, C.; Callens , G.; Callens, M.; Balletster, L., 1972:
Retarded intrauterine growth with microcephaly in three children of a mother with hyperphenylalaninaemia

Ikeme, M.M., 1970:
Retarded metamorphosis in larvae of Ascaridia galli following repeated challenge of poultry with infective eggs

Prathapasenan, G.; Kamalavalli, D.; Pathak, C.H., 1966:
Retarded rate of germination in Digvijay cotton

Davenport, D.C.; Fisher, M.A.; Hagan, R.M., 1971:
Retarded stomatal closure by phenylmercuric acetate

Laura, R.D.; Idnani, M.A., 1971:
Retarding effect of dedication on nitrogen mineralization in organic manures

Karanov, E.N., 1970:
Retarding effect of some indole compounds and their interaction with kinetin on the ageing of detached Raphanus sativus leaves

Karanov, E.N., 1969:
Retarding effect of some phenol compounds on the ageing of detached Raphanus sativus leaves and their interaction with kinetin

Littman, M.L.; Taguchi, T.; Shimizu, Y., 1964:
Retarding Effect Of Vitamin Deficient And Cholesterol Free Diets On Growth Of Sarcoma 180

Kaukovirta, E., 1969:
Retarding summer flowers

Levingston, R., 1964:
Retarding transpiration of tubed Callitris intratropica

Biswas, T.D.; Ali, M.H., 1969:
Retention and availability of soil water as influenced by soil organic carbon

Skouby, A.P., 1966:
Retention and distribution of B12 activity, and requirement for B12, following parenteral administration of hydroxocobalamin (Vibeden(r))

Lord, K.A.; Jeffs, K.A.; Tuppen, R.J., 1971:
Retention and distribution of dry powder and liquid formulations of insecticides and fungicides on commercially dressed cereal seed

Zapletal, O.; Piskac, A., 1968:
Retention and elimination dynamics of copper in liver and skeletal muscles of rats

Farries, E., 1971:
Retention and mobilization in the pregnant and lactating body

Blume, H.P.; Munnich, K.O.; Zimmermann, U., 1966:
Retention and movement of water in a loess grey-brown podzolic forest soil under deciduous forest

Emmert, F.H., 1969:
Retention and passage of calcium and strontium in stems of Phaseolus vulgaris as mediated by xylem stream flow rate and dinitrophenol

Misra, S.G.; Tiwari, R.C., 1966:
Retention and release of copper and zinc by some Indian soils

Ali, M.H.; Biswas, T.D., 1971:
Retention and release of soil water as related to mineralogy of the soil clays

Lizal, F.; Opletalova, L., 1964:
Retention and utilisation of urea N in the body of cattle

Porter, L.K.; Beard, W.E., 1968:
Retention and volatilization of lindane and DDT in the presence of organic colloids isolated from soils and leonardite

Prochazka, Z.; Hampl, J., 1965:
Retention of 6-azauracil C14 in tissues of fowls after prolonged administration

Prochazka, Z.; Hampl, J., 1965:
Retention of 6-azauracil-14C in the tissues of hens after long-term administration

Volf, V.; Roth, Z., 1965:
Retention of 85Sr in rats. 1. Effect of sodium, magnesium, calcium, strontium and barium sulphates

Rakowska, M.; Brzezinska, Z.; Dietl, B.; Krupowicz, J.; Kopczynska-Sikorska, J., 1968:
Retention of Ca and N from the normal diet of a selected group of pre-school children. 1. Physical development and some indices of the biochemical status of the nutrition of children

Rakowska, M.; Szkilladziowa, W.; Kunachowicz, H., 1969:
Retention of Ca and N from the normal diet of a selected group of pre-school children. 2. Food and nutrient intakes and methods of feeding the children

Rakowska, M.; Szkilladziowa, W.; Kunachowicz, H., 1969:
Retention of Ca and N from the normal diet of a selected group of pre-school children. 3. Amino acid composition and nutritive value of the diet protein

Rakowska, M.; Szkilladziowa, W.; Kunachowicz, H., 1969:
Retention of Ca and N from the normal diet of a selected group of pre-school children. 5. Retention of N

Rakowska, M.; Czarnowska-Misztal, E.; Brzezinska, Z.; Krupowicz, J., 1969:
Retention of Ca from the normal diet of a selected group of pre-school children

Fries, G.F.; Kane, E.A., 1967:
Retention of DDT and DDE by the bovine

Ragland, W.W., 1970:
Retention of DDT in tissues of chickens

Oelschlager, W.; Loeffler, K.; Opletalova, L., 1970:
Retention of F in bones and bone sections of cattle given the same supplements of F in the form of soil, flue dust from an aluminium reduction plant and NaF

Hamid, A.; Warkention, B.P., 1967:
Retention of I-131 used as tracer in water-movement studies

Kovac, M.; Semjanova, E., 1970:
Retention of Na in laying hens when bone meal, sodium pyrophosphate and sodium hexametaphosphate are used as sources of P

Nezel, K., 1968:
Retention of Sr-90 and Cs-137 in laying hens fed contaminated food

Singh, M., 1971:
Retention of added copper by two soils as affected by organic matter, CaCO3 and exchangeable ions

Anand, J.C., 1970:
Retention of added vitamin C in amla preserve

Parr, J.F.; Papendick, R.I., 1966:
Retention of anhydrous ammonia by soil : II. Effect of ammonia concentration and soil moisture

Papendick, R.I.; Parr, J.F., 1966:
Retention of anhydrous ammonia by soil. III. Dispensing apparatus and resulting ammonia distribution

Parr, J.F., 1969:
Retention of anhydrous ammonia by soil: 4. Recovery of microbiological activity and effect of organic amendments

Papendick, R.I.; Parr, J.F., 1965:
Retention of anhydrous ammonia by soil: I. Methodology and experimental considerations

Misra, S.G.; Tiwari, R.C., 1966:
Retention of applied Cu++ by soils. Effect of carbonate, organic matter, base saturation, and unsaturation

Misra, S.G.; Tiwari, R.C., 1964:
Retention of applied micronutrients by compost. I. Retention of applied copper

Hughes, R.E.; Hurley, R.J.; Jones, P.R., 1971:
Retention of ascorbic acid by the guinea pig eye lens

Sims, J.R.; Bingham, F.T., 1967:
Retention of boron by layer silicates, sesquioxides, and soil materials. I. Layer silicates

Sims, J.R.; Bingham, F.T., 1968:
Retention of boron by layer silicates, sesquioxides, and soil materials. II. Sesqaioxides. III. Iron- and aluminium-coated layer silicates and soil materials

Islam, A.; Khan, T.H.; Rahman, M., 1970:
Retention of calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc and iron by humic acids

Field, A.C.; Suttle, N.F., 1967:
Retention of calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium and potassium by the developing sheep foetus

Thomas, W.A., 1970:
Retention of calcium-45 by dogwood trees

Boddy, K.; King, P.; Mervyn, L.; Macleod, A.; Adams, J.F., 1968:
Retention of cyanocobalamin, hydroxocobalamin, and coenzyme B12 after parenteral administration

Freer, M.; Jones, D.B.; Christian, K.R., 1972:
Retention of energy and nitrogen by young sheep on different feeding patterns

Dantzman, C.L.; Hodges, E.M.; Kirk, W.G., 1968:
Retention of fertilizer elements in flatwoods soil profiles

Wada, K.; Inoue, T., 1967:
Retention of humic substances derived from rotted clover leaves in soils containing montmorillonite and allophane

Wicker, E.F., 1970:
Retention of infectivity and pathogenicity by Tuberculina maxima in culture

Gille, G.; Graham, E.R.; P.E., W.H., 1971:
Retention of injected 60cobalt vitamin B12 as a measure of cobalt status of sheep

Sylvester, E.S., 1967:
Retention of inoculativity in the transmission of pea enation mosaic virus by pea aphids as associated with virus isolates, aphid reproduction and excretion

De, S.K.; Rao, N.S.S.; Tripathi, C.M.; E.A., 1971:
Retention of iodide by soil clays

Wiseman, B.R.; Mcmillian, W.W.; Bowman, M.C., 1970:
Retention of laboratory diets containing corn kernels or leaves of different ages by larvae of the corn earworm and the fall armyworm

Lenger, V.; Janele, J.; Musil, J., 1972:
Retention of large doses of vitamin B-12

Maxwell, C.W.; Wood, F.A.; Parsons, E.C., 1965:
Retention of lead arsenate on apple surfaces when used with certain fungicides

Davies, R.I.; Cheshire, M.V.; Graham-Bryce, I.J., 1969:
Retention of low levels of copper by humic acid

Kirchgessner, M.; Friesecke, H., 1965:
Retention of major and trace elements by fattening chickens given antibiotic supplements

Inoue, K.; Aomine, S., 1969:
Retention of mercury by soil colloids. 3. Adsorption of mercury in dilute phenylmercuric acetate solutions

Aomine, S.; Kawasaki, H.; Inoue, K., 1967:
Retention of mercury by soils. 1. Mercury residues of paddy and orchard soils. 2. Adsorption of phenyl-mercuric acetate by soil colloids

Roth-Maier, D.A.; Kirchgessner, M., 1972:
Retention of minerals (Ca, P, Mg, Na, K) and trace elements (Fe, Cu, Mn, Zn) by fattening chickens given coccidiostats

Devadas, R.P.; Prema, C.B.; Kannan, A., 1968:
Retention of nutrients in raw and parboiled rice of ADT 27 and ASD 5 strains

Sjoberg, H.E.; Reizenstein, P.; Arman, E., 1970:
Retention of orally admininistered 47Ca in man measured in an whole-body counter

Sjöberg, H.E., 1970:
Retention of orally administered 47-calcium in man under normal and diseased conditions studied with a whole-body counter technique

Cserjesi, A.J.; Roff, J.W., 1964:
Retention of pentachlorophenol in lumber dipped in water solutions

Wolcott, A.R., 1970:
Retention of pesticides by organic materials in soils

Lag, J.; Dev, G., 1965:
Retention of phosphate by clay fractions of weathered products from different Norwegian rocks

Misra, S.G.; Ojha, S.K., 1969:
Retention of phosphate by some soils of U.P

Prakash, B.S.J.; Bhasker, T.D., 1969:
Retention of phosphorus in some soils of Mysore State

Volosenko, A.N.; Egorova, N.V., 1965:
Retention of pollen viability in certain species of Pinus

Hennig, A.; Jeroch, H., 1965:
Retention of protein and energy by the growing chicken with special reference to additions of sand and crude fibre. 1. Results with feed intake to appetite

Hennig, A.; Jeroch, H.; Jeroch, H., 1965:
Retention of protein and energy by the growing chicken with special reference to additions of sand and crude fibre. 2. Results with limited feed intake

Csupka, S.; Carach, J.; Petrásová, M., 1969:
Retention of radiocaesium in crop plants in years 1963-1967

Lengemann, F.W., 1969:
Retention of radiocesium by rats before and after weaning

Kahn, B.; Straub, C.P.; Robbins, P.J.; Wellman, H.N.; Seltzer, R.A.; Telles, N.C., 1969:
Retention of radiostrontium, strontium, calcium, and phosphorus by infants. 1. Long-term study in the home; diet and results

Kahn, B.; Straub, C.P.; Robbins, P.J.; Wellman, H.N.; Seltzer, R.A.; Telles, N.C., 1969:
Retention of radiostrontium, strontium, calcium, and phosphorus by infants. 2. Intake and excretion of calcium and phosphorus by infants; calcium retention and model

Kahn, B.; Straub, C.P.; Robbins, P.J.; Wellman, H.N.; Seltzer, R.A.; Telles, N.C., 1969:
Retention of radiostrontium, strontium, calcium, and phosphorus by infants. 3. Intake, excretion, and retention of stable strontium

Kahn, B.; Straub, C.P.; Robbins, P.J.; Wellman, H.N.; Seltzer, R.A.; Telles, N.C., 1969:
Retention of radiostrontium, strontium, calcium, and phosphorus by infants. 4. Intake, excretion, and retention of strontium-90

Mirpulatova, N.S.; Kamilova, M.K.; Rysbaeva, A.S.; Nagornaya, N.M.; Teshabaeva, R., 1971:
Retention of resistance to Verticillium wilt in Cotton vars

Ewan, R.C.; Baumann, C.A.; Pope, A.L., 1968:
Retention of selenium by growing lambs

Lindberg, P.; Lannek, N., 1965:
Retention of selenium in kidneys, liver and striated muscle after prolonged feeding of therapeutic amounts of sodium selenite to pigs

Lindberg, P.; Tanhuanpää, E., 1965:
Retention of selenium in tissues of swine after a single intramuscular administration of sodium selenite

Dluzewska, A.; Dluzewski, M.; Pacholczyk, Z.; Pijanowska, E.; Zmarlicki, S., 1964:
Retention of some vitamins of the B group in processed cheese

Volf, V.; Roth, Z., 1966:
Retention of strontium 85 in rats. 3. Effect of increasing the doses of sodium and barium sulphates and role of the time factor

Exarchos, C.D.; Moisidis, A.A.; Katsouras, G.C., 1968:
Retention of sulphur dioxide by dried sultanas in relation to the time of treatment

Volkov, V.P., 1965:
Retention of thaw water by chiselling soil

Grove, J.A.; Linn, T.G.; Willett, C.J.; Henderson, L.M., 1970:
Retention of the Alpha -nitrogen in the metabolic conversion of L-lysine to Alpha -aminoadipate by the rat

Akov, S., 1966:
Retention of the blood-meal in Aedes aegypti following sterilization by chemicals and irradiation

Brockerhoff, H.; Hoyle, R.J.; Ronald, K., 1964:
Retention Of The Fatty Acid Distribution Pattern Of A Dietary Triglyceride In Animals

Poko, M.Z., 1969:
Retention of the waters of the Mitte. An example of village development in Upper Volta

Dumitras, Lucretia., 1967:
Retention of viability by spores of T. contraversa and T. pancicii under different environmental conditions

Singh, R.; Tripathi, U.S., 1968:
Retention of viability of maize seed stored at different kernal moisture and in different containers

Hertz, H.; Kristensen, H.P. o.; Hoff-Jorgensen, E., 1964:
Retention of vitamin B12. A comparative study of retention after intramuscular injection of cyanocobalamin and hydroxocobalamin

Virgin, E.; Florin, U.; Hellstrom, V.; Andersson, R., 1967:
Retention of vitamin C in preparation of foods in large scale catering. 1. Retention of vitamin C in boiling and keeping hot potatoes and vegetables

Virgin, E.; Florin, U.; Hellstrom, V.; Andersson, R., 1967:
Retention of vitamin C in preparation of foods in large scale catering. 2. Retention of vitamin C in preparation and keeping of raw foods

Gorbunova, V.; Zolstovskaya, S.; Milyutina, L., 1966:
Retention of vitamins in vitamin-enriched milk

Teoh, T.S.; Aylmore, L.A.G.; Quirk, J.P., 1967:
Retention of water by plant cell walls and implications for drought resistance

Sharpless, R.G.; Wallihan, E.F.; Peterson, F.F., 1969:
Retention of zinc by some arid zone soil materials treated with zinc sulfate

Swart, C.L.; Murphy, L.S.; Swallow, C.W., 1971:
Retention patterns and effectiveness of anhydrous ammonia applied with an undercutting blade

Oliver, W.H.; Born, G.S.; Ziemer, P.L., 1969:
Retention, distribution and excretion of ametryne (2-methylmercapto-4-ethylamino-6-isopropylamino-s-triazine) in the rat

Galvao, A.P.M., 1969:
Retention, penetration and distribution of some water-born preservatives in round fence posts of Eucalyptus alba Reinw, treated by a sap-replacement

Bischof, F., E.Al., 1970:
Retention, penetration and loss of phenmedipham in relation to several factors

Baechler, R.H., 1971:
Retentions by gage and assay: how do they compare ?

Gupta, R.N., 1965:
Rethinking on co-operative farming

von Essen, R.; Savilahti, E.; Pelkonen, P., 1972:
Reticulin antibody in children with malabsorption

Leek, B.F., 1969:
Reticulo-ruminal mechanoreceptors in sheep

Chan, W.H.; Whitfield, C.R., 1971:
Reticulocyte counting and the haematological response to intravenous iron infusion in pregnancy anaemia

Ganzoni, A.M., 1970:
Reticulocytes and plasma iron turnover in man

March, B.E.; Coates, V.; Biely, J., 1969:
Reticulocytosis in response to dietary antioxidants

Kariyone, S.; Miyake, T., 1966:
Reticuloendothelial cell in the bone marrow and its relationship to iron metabolism

Schappert, H.R.; Geib, L.W., 1967:
Reticuloendothelial neoplasms involving the spinal canal of cats

Gilmore, C.E.; Gilmore, V.H.; Jones, T.C., 1964:
Reticuloendotheliosis, a myeloproli-ferative disorder of cats: a comparison with lymphocytic leukemia

Trautwein, G.; Kruger, A., 1966:
Reticulosis in a mink

Fischer, C.A., 1971:
Retinal and retinochoroidal lesions in early neuropathic canine distemper

Barnett, K.C., 1965:
Retinal atrophy

Sidman, R.L.; Green, M.C., 1965:
Retinal Degeneration In The Mouse: Location Of The Rd Locus In Linkage Group Xvii

Keeler, C., 1966:
Retinal degeneration in the mouse is rodless retina

Ashton, N.; Barnett, K.C.; Sachs, D.D., 1968:
Retinal dysplasia in the Sealyham terrier

Plack, P.A.; Miller, W.S.; Ward, C.M., 1966:
Retinal in the blood and liver of the fowl in relation to sex and maturity

Vedy, J.; Sirol, J.; Coulm, J., 1971:
Retinal pathology: onchocercal white spot. A preliminary note

Oberreiter, O., 1968:
Retinochorioiditis maculosa disseminata in the dog. I

Schumacher, A.; Stuttgen, G., 1971:
Retinoic acid in hyperkeratosis, epithelial tumours and acne

Bollag, W., 1971:
Retinoic acid in the treatment of tumours. Experimental studies on the action of retinoic acid on tumours in animals

Bollag, W.; Ott, F., 1971:
Retinoic acid in the treatment of tumours. Local treatment of precancerous lesions and basal cell carcinomas of the skin with retinoic acid

Zile, M.; DeLuca, H.F., 1968:
Retinoic acid: some aspects of growth-promoting activity in the albino rat

Westin, S.I.; Hellstrom, V., 1971:
Retinol and active carotene in foods

Misra, U.K., 1969:
Retinol and adrenal lipids of rats

Carbini, L.; Casula, A.; Padalino, A., 1969:
Retinol and biological membranes. 1. Cellular permeability to 2-deoxyglucose in the isolated diaphragm of white rats on a diet free from retinol or polyunsaturated fatty acids

Kanai, M.; Raz, A.; Goodman, D.S., 1968:
Retinol-binding protein: the transport protein for vitamin A in human plasma

Czaplinski, B., 1965:
Retinometra guberiana sp.n. (Cestoda, Hymenolepididae), a new cestode species from Cygnus olor (Gm.)

Maksimova, A.P., 1967:
Retinometra oxyurae n.sp. (Gestoda: Hymenolepididae) from the wild goose of Kazakhstan

Fischer, C.A., 1970:
Retinopathy in anemic cats

Markar, M.A.; Peiris, J.B.; D Silva, G.U., 1969:
Retinopathy in megaloblastic anaemias

Dunagin, P.E.; Meadows, E.H.; Olson, J.A., 1965:
Retinoyl Beta-Glucuronic Acid: A Major Metabolite Of Vitamin A In Rat Bile

Legendre, P., 1971:
Retirement compensation (I.V.D.) historical and legal aspects

Briscoe, N.A.; Enix, J.R.; Andersen, P.P., 1968:
Retirement of control and ownership equities of inactive cooperative members

Aukema, J.H.R., 1969:
Retirement of farmers under 50 years of age in two Friesian communities

Germano, A., 1971:
Retirement pensions: a measure for rejuvenating agriculture

Reichle, R.E., 1969:
Retraction of flagella by Phytophthora parasitica var. nicotiana zoospores

Nash, T.A.M.; Jordan, A.M.; Boyle, J.A., 1967:
Retraction of the daim that host pregnancy affects pupal production by the tsetse fly

Wallace, A., 1968:
Retranslocation of Rb86, Cs137, and K to new leaf growth in bush beans

Tanaka, S., 1971:
Retransmission of Satsuma dwarf virus by means of the approach-graft inoculation

Tanaka, S., 1971:
Retransmission of satsuma dwarf virus by approach graft inoculation

Lanly, J.P., 1969:
Retreat of the dense forest in the Ivory Coast

Lewis, W.M.; Lilly, J.P., 1966:
Retreatments of preemergence and postemergence crabgrass herbicides and their residual effects on the establishment of three turfgrasses

Barabas, Z., 1964:
Retrieval, selection and evaluation of induced quantitative mutants

Anonymous, 1971:
Retrieving genes for space-age corn

Schlenk, H.; Sand, D.M.; Gellerman, J.L., 1969:
Retroconversion of docosahexaenoic acid in the rat

Schlenk, H.; Gellerman, J.L.; Sand, D.M., 1967:
Retroconversion of polyunsaturated fatty acids in vivo by partial degradation and hydrogenation

Iversen, J., 1969:
Retrogressive development of a forest ecosystem demonstrated by pollen diagrams from fossil mor

Borojevic, S., 1968:
Retrospect of the third International Wheat Genetics svmposium

Anonymous, 1969:
Retrospect on Hanover

Anonymous, 1971:

Parmentier, A., 1968:

Hauchecorne, J.; Neveu, A., 1968:
Retrospective analysis of the French farm production structure from 1961 to 1963

Strigushchenko, Yu. M.; Baryshev, P.M., 1964:
Retrospective diagnosis as a method for epidemiological examination of leptospirosis foci in the Krasnodar territory

Perron, J.P., 1965:
Retrospective on the control of H. antiqua in south-western Quebec from 1948 to 1964

Opitz, K., 1967:
Return flow saves water, frees and time

Schade, R.O., 1967:
Return flow systems in Central California

Macmillan, K.L., 1970:
Return intervals to first insemination and conception rates to second insemination in New Zealand dairy cattle

Nesataev, J. N.; E.A., 1966:
Return of ash elements and N to the soil in the litter of woody and herbaceous plants in the main forest types of the 'Les na Vorskle' Oak forest

Aliev, G.A., 1969:
Return of ashy elements into soil in various ecological conditions of the broadleaved forests of the eastern Caucasus (the Azerbaijan S.S.R.)

Samojlova, E.M., 1967:
Return of mineral elements by the litter, and the composition of the soil humus in the main plots in a Lime/Oak forest

Oven, R.Von, 1971:
Return on capital and development possibilities in the beef cattle industry of South America

Cosentino, V., 1970:
Return on capital and internai rate of return: a comparative analysis

Ramesh, D., 1966:
Return to investment, optimal level of operational cost, direction of additional costs and total costs of production analyses based on composite demonstration data. relating to IADP districts

Begue, L., 1964:
Return to the Sudan

Rutherford, R.E., 1967:
Returnable plastic bottles in an American dairy

Bouwer, H., 1968:
Returning wastes to the land, a new role for agriculture

Hinman, H.R.; Hutton, R.F., 1971:
Returns and risks of expanding Pennsylvania dairy farms with different levels of equity

Singh, D.; Raheja, S.K.; Bapat, S.R., 1970:
Returns from fertilizers on farmers' fields

Singh, K.; Sharma, A.B., 1968:
Returns from nitrogenous and potassium fertilizers on potato

Rendon, M.; Rendon, O.; Alvarez, H.; Gallo, J.T., 1971:
Returns from turkeys in confinement and on pasture with blood meal

Mainie, P.; Berlan, J.P.; Gouin, R.Y., 1966:
Returns of a sub-sector : fruit

Pavaskar, M.G., 1971:
Returns to cotton merchants-concurrent vs. lagged margins

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Returns to farm real estate

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Returns to investments on pastures

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Returns to poultry research in the United States

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Returns to scale in Indian agriculture

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Returns to scale, resource allocation and factor prices in E1 Bajio, Mexico

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Rev. 1 Brucella melitensis vaccine. Serological reactions in Maltese goats

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Revalorization of the terms of trade of developing countries by means of agricultural cooperatives

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Revaluation of the Deutschmark and agriculture

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Revaluation of the relationship between carcass density and body composition of beef steers

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Revegetation of acid spoils in central Pennsylvania

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Revegetation of bare slopes with grass and tree seed. A contribution to landscape conservation

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Revegetation of derelict land

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Revegetation of dumps for waste materials: experience from the Ruhr region

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Revegetation of the Espenhain spoilmound

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Revegetation of wasteland in the Ruhr conurbation

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Revegetation treatments for stand establishment on coal spoil banks

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Revenue from residue

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Revenue implications of a buffer-stock scheme, comment

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Reversal by histidine of the inhibition of Prototheca growth due to 3-amino-l,2,4-triazole

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Reversal of (+or-)-abscisin II induced inhibition of lettuce seed germination and seedling growth by kinetin

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Reversal of folate malabsorption in tropical and non-tropical sprue by calf jejunum

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Reversal of fungi-toxicity of thiram by seed and root exudates

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Reversal of induced autotetraploidy to diploidy in Brassica campestris

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Reversal of inhibition of endogenous respiration of Cunninghamella echinulata by intermediate chain-length fatty acids

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Reversal of inhibitors of seed germination by red light plus kinetin

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Reversal of low temperature effects on a tropical plant by gibberellic acid

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Reversal of selective toxicity of (--)- alpha -lipoic acid by thiamine in thiamine-deficient rats

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Reversal Of Serum Fungistasis By Addition Of Iron

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Reversal of the interference by sucrose on protein determination by the biuret method

Anon., 1971:
Reversal of the international dairy situation

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Reversal of thyroid changes in experimental goitre on the basis of different diets

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Reversal of vernalization in Northwest Easter lilies

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Reverse flow of gastrointestinal contents in turkeys

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Reverse migration and population dispersion: a partial solution for urban problems

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Reverse osmosis

Besik, F., 1971:
Reverse osmosis in processing whey

Leightell, B., 1972:
Reverse osmosis in the concentration of food

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Reverse osmosis of Cottage cheese whey. I. Influence of composition of the feed

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Reverse osmosis of whey

Anon., 1970:
Reverse osmosis separates solids from whey for Ic/lb

Foissy, H., 1970:
Reverse osmosis-an economical method for whey utilization?

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Reverse osmosis engineering considerations

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Reverse osmosis: cheaper food, purer water

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Reversed bean vines

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Reversibility of atherosclerosis in cholesterol-fed rabbits

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Reversibility of chilling injury to corn seedlings

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Reversibility of fruit colour in Max Red Bartlett pear

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Reversibility of nutritional osteoporosis: physicochemical data on bones from an experimental study in dogs

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Reversibility of strophiolar permeability to water in seeds of subterranean clover (Trifolium sub-terraneum) L

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Reversibility of the thyroxine effect on rat liver glutamic-pyruvic transaminase and serine dehydrase by dietary supplementation of vitamin B6

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Reversibility of the urological lesions of schistosomiasis in children after specific therapy

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Reversibility of thiabendazole-induced sterilization of Trichinella spiralis

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Reversible aggregation phenomena of as and beta -caseins

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Reversible dissociation and association of mammary glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase

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Reversible dissociation of cucumber mosaic virus (strain S)

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Reversible dissociation of fatty acid synthetase from lactating rat mammary gland

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Reversible effects of chemical treatments on the rhythmic exudation of sap by tobacco roots

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Reversible force transduction in tendrils of Passiflora coerulea

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Reversible gelation of paracasein gels

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Reversible host adaptation in Cucumber mosaic virus

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Reversible inactivation of aged solutions of indolyl-3-acetic Acid

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Reversible inactivation of cock spermatozoa by temperature

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Reversible inhibition of a receptor governing infection with some nematodes

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Reversible inhibition of chemosensitivity in a phytoparasitic nematode

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Reversible megaloblastic and sideroblastic marrow abnormalities in alcoholic patients

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Reversible myelofibrosis due to vitamin D deficiency rickets

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Reversible renal tubular defects in gluten enteropathy with osteomalacia

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Reversible secondary disaccharidase deficiency

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Reversible sterility in the parthenogenetic black vine weevil when fed untreated foliage interposed with apholate-treated foliage

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Reversible suspension of metabolism and the origin of life

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Reversing the decline in productivity of veld grazing in the southern lowveld

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Reversion at the wx locus in maize

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Reversion behavior of isoleucine-valine mutants of yeast

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Reversion disease and gall mite of black currant

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Reversion frequency of waxy pollen type in normal and hypoploid maize plants

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Reversion in black currants and problems of breeding

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Reversion instability of an extreme polar mutant of the galactose operon

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Reversion of colchicine induced c-mitosis by indolylacetic acidcoenzime A

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Reversion of floral buds of Kalanchoe pinnata Pers. to vegetative state in culture

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Reversion of fruit colour in nucellar seedlings of Dobashibeniunshu

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Reversion of induced changes in amount of nuclear DNA in Linam

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Reversion of non-nitrate utilizing (nia D) mutants of Aspergillus nidulans

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Reversion of spontaneously arising respiratory deficiency in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Reversion of the MR variant of Candida albicans

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Reversion of the antimitotic effect of N-formylbiuret by ureidosuccinic acid and uracil in Allium cepa L

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Reversion Rate In Continuous Cultures Of An Escherichia Coli Auxotroph Exposed To Gamma Rays

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Reversion virus and gall mites on black currants

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Reversions to prototrophy in adenine-requiring yeasts

Anonymous, 1967:

Masterson, C.L.; Sherwood, M.T., 1970:

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Review '67 outlook '68. The Canadian economy

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Review and analysis of California egg prices

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Review and comparison of site evaluation methods

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Review and comparison of some clinical tests for mastitis

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Review and confrontation of agricultural policies; report of the Committee for Agriculture; summary and conclusions; adopted by the Ministers of Agriculture during their meeting at the OECD, October 27-28, 1966

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Review and discussion of rapid methods for determining total cation-exchange capacity in soils

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Review and evaluation of current practices in rat control on Hawaiian sugarcane plantations

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Review and investigations on Mg

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Review and progress on joint project (J.P.) 16 research on contagious bovine pleuropneumonia (C.B.P.P.)

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Review article: Mellor on agricultural development

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Review of volume-fill apple pack

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Review of 1965 price developments in the foreign agricultural trade of the United States

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Review of Applied Mycology, compiled from world literature on plant pathology: plant host-pathogen index to volumes 1-40 (1922-1961)

Anonymous, 1968:
Review of Applied Mycology. Plant Host-Pathogen Index to Volumes 1-40 (1922-1961)

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Review of Chinese research on the prevention and treatment of schistosomiasis in domestic animals

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Review of Echinococcus species in South Africa

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Review of Haemaphysalis (kaiseriana) Longicornis Neumann (resurrected) of Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Fiji, Japan, Korea, and Northeastern China and USSR, and its parthenogenetic and bisexual populations (Ixodoidea, Ixodidae)

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Review of Helminthosporium leaf blight of Rice in the Northern Territory, 1961-68

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Review of ULV-formulations for drift spraying

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Review of a year's paediatric admissions to the Kenyatta National Hospital, Nairobi, Kenya

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Review of activities of the Government Veterinary Services (January June 1970)

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Review of adsorption and desorption of organic pesticides by soil colloids with implications concerning bioactivity

Bailey, G.W.; White, J.L., 1964:
Review of adsorption and desorption of organic pesticides by soil colloids, with implications concerning pesticide bioactivity

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Review of agricultural policy

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Review of analytical data regarding mechanically and genetically monogerm seed in sugar beet

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Review of analytical data regarding mechanically and genetically monogerm sugar beet seed. III

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Review of angiostrongyliasis in Taiwan

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Review of annual growth and harvest reporting

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Review of applications of biovetin and biovit-40 in veterinary science and animal husbandry

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Review of basic information pertinent to the development of hybrid alfalfa

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Review of co-operative agricultural marketing, processing, supplies and storage in India, co-operative year 1965-66

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Review of commercially available fire retardant treated plywood and coating systems

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Review of cotton research in Rajasthan during 1948-66

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Review of cropping pattern and land utilization in Punjab during plan periods

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Review of crossbreeding of sheep for wool production in India

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Review of crossbreeding work in cattle in India

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Review of current Belgian work on post-emergence treatment

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Review of current methods applicable to measuring crop losses caused by weeds

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Review of effect of chip storage on wood resins and pulps

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Review of export of agricultural commodities during 1968-69

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Review of factors affecting the abundance of the corn leaf aphid

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Review of federal work on maize improvement in Nigeria

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Review of fire blight control measures in the United States

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Review of food consumption surveys 1970. Vol. 1A-Household food consumption by economic groups

Anonymous, 1971:
Review of food consumption surveys 1970. Vol. 1B-Household food consumption by economic groups

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Review of forest and timber insects in South Africa

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Review of herbicide penetration through plant surfaces

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Review of information related to the charring rate of wood

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Review of literature concerning the evaluation of organo-tin compounds for the preservative

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Review of literature on the

Heslot, H., 1970:
Review of main mutagenic compounds

Anonymous, 1970:
Review of modern Hevea clones: 2, clone GT 1

Anonymous, 1971:
Review of modern Hevea clones: 3, clone PR 107

Anonymous, 1970:
Review of modern hevea clones. I. Clone RRIM 600

Anonymous, 1970:
Review of modern hevea clones: 2, GT 1

Anonymous, 1971:
Review of modern hevea clones: 4, Clone PB 5/51

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Review of mycological and agronomic studies on aflatoxin

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Review of national dairy policies in recent years

Anonymous, 1968:
Review of national dairy policies, 1966- 68

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Review of national progress reports on forestry

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Review of nine methods for determining the fiber saturation points of wood and wood products

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Review of observations on histoplasmosis in Uruguay

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Review of orchid virus research

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Review of pasture weed control in New Zealand

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Review of poultry diseases: post-mortem findings at Gent during 1966

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Review of radiological aspects of mycetomas (with regard to 17 cases)

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Review of recent literature on mosquitoes of North America

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Review of recent literature on mosquitoes of North America. Supplement I

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Review of recent literature on wood (January 1960-April 1968)

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Review of recent research on mosquitoes by the Entomology Research Division, U.S.D.A

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Review of recent studies on effects of environment and foliar diseases on coumestrol content of alfalfa

Anonymous, 1968:
Review of recommendations for weed control in cereals

Anonymous, 1968:
Review of recommendations for weed control in other crops

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Review of research

Belli, G., 1969:
Review of research on virus diseases of Grapevine

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Review of research work done by the Directorate of Fisheries, West Pakistan

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Review of results from heterosis experiment at Fort Robinson Beef Cattle Research Station

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Review of rice research in East Pakistan 1958-1967

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Review of seed analysis. Results of technical and genetical monogram sugar-beet seed

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Review of sire-proving methods in New Zealand, Great Britain, and New York State

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Review of some of the most important indicators of business efficiency on farms in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1965

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Review of some recent research on Onchocerca vectors

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Review of studies on brucella cultures isolated from reindeer in the USSR

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Review of studies on feeding of aquatic invertebrates conducted at the Institute of Biology of Inland Waters, Academy of Science, USSR

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Review of studies on rootstocks for Citrus trees carried out in Colombia

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Review of survey methodology and a proposal for use in levels of living studies in rural Ireland

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Review of surveys on farmers' income tax reports

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Review of the IRL/CIOSTA, 13th Congress on Work Study in Agriculture

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Review of the Japanese species of Cystidicola, Metabronema and Rhabdochona (Nematoda) from salmonoid fishes

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Review of the Plant Pathology Department

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Review of the Plant Pathology Department

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Review of the Plant Pathology Department

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Review of the Plant Pathology Division

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Review of the activities of the Phytopathology Laboratory of the Plant Breeding Station, 1944-1967

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Review of the antibiotic properties of higher plants

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Review of the application of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy in pesticide analysis

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Review of the botany department

Anonymous, 1965:
Review of the co-operative movement in India, 1960-62

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Review of the equine post mortem examinations at Ankara between 1933-1961

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Review of the genetics and plant breeding department

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Review of the genus Paria (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) of North America

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Review of the genus Thornenema Andrassy, 1959 and proposal of Willinema n.gen

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Review of the institute's work

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Review of the investigations on the physiology of Indian buffaloes

Lems, G., 1966:
Review of the liberica coffee growing and selection programme

Buck, R.W., 1966:
Review of the literature on cytology and interspecific hybridization in the tuber-bearing solanums 1960-1964

Lefevre, J.-C., 1971:
Review of the literature on the tamarind

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Review of the metabolism and decomposition of diquat and paraquat

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Review of the most important plant communities in ditches in Northwestern Germany

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Review of the mycoflora of Hungary. Part III

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Review of the mycoflora of Hungary. Part VIII; Part IX

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Review of the nature and significance of inclusion bodies

Vega, E., 1971:
Review of the nematological problems that affect the central-western zone of Argentina

Anonymous, 1966:
Review of the official preventive control campaign against the flying locust S. americana. Biological period 1965-66

Tristram, D.R., 1968:
Review of the past season

Hastein, T., 1971:
Review of the principal diseases of fish and their treatment

Margolis, L.; Ching, H.L., 1965:
Review of the trematode genera Bacciger and Pentagramma (Fellodistomatidae) and description of P. petrowi (Layman, 1930) n.comb. from marine fishes from the Pacific coast of Canada

Bright, D.E., Jr., 1968:
Review of the tribe Xyleborini in America North of Mexico (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)

Kumar, S., 1971:
Review of the work done on subterranean pests of sugarcane in India

Nsowah, G.F., 1969:
Review of tomato variety and staking trials in northern Ghana 1962-66

Hughes, P., 1966:
Review of toxicity of fodder sorghums and their consumption in the fresh state by cattle

Eriksson, E., 1964:
Review of tracer techniques and their application in geohydrology

Kishima, T., 1966:
Review of tylosis formation in hardwood vessels

Gargani, G., 1970:
Review of vaccines proposed for animal vaccinations against brucellosis

Burley, J., 1966:
Review of variation in Slash Pine (Pinus elliottii Engelm.) and Loblolly Pine (P. taeda L.) in relation to provenance research

Catara, A.; Perrotta, G.; Cutuli, G., 1968:
Review of virus-like diseases of Citrus observed in Italy

Tauro, A.C.; Jereza, H.C.; Proven-Dido, R.D., 1969:
Review of weed control experiments at the Visayas Rice Experiment Station

Heard, T.G., 1964:
Review of wheat variety trials

Marquette, J., 1971:
Review of work and observations carried out on groundnuts in Madagascar

Anonymous, 1965 :
Review of work done under the Committee's schemes during the year 1962-63

Bisessar, S., 1965:
Review of work in plant pathology in British Guiana, 1950-1964

Anonymous, 1969:
Review of work of Ing. Th. C. J. M. Rijssenbeek

Mondal, R.C., 1967:
Review of work on trace elements in Rajasthan

Miljutina, S.V.; Sergeeva, V.N., 1964:
Review of works on the distribution of lignin in the cell-wall of wood

Myre, M., 1968:
Review of works on the flora and vegetation of Mozambique. Contribution to their study

Mohamad Bin Jamil., 1966:
Review of world rice industry

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Review of Agricultural development and economic transformation. A comparative study of the Japanese experience , by B. F. Johnston, Stanford Univ., Stanford, Calif., 1962, pp. 54

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Review on attenuated live virus-vaccines. Information on their nature and utilization in Japan Incidence of their use in international trade in animals and animal products

Katagiri, K., 1969:
Review on microbial control of insect pests in forests in Japan

Underbrink, A.G.; Sparrow, A.H.; Pond, V., 1968:
Review paper: chromosomes and cellular radiosensitivity. II. Use of interrelationships among chromosome volume, nucleotide content and Do of 120 diverse organisms in predicting radiosensitivity

Swan, H.Stewart, D., 1965:
Reviewing the scientific use of fertilizers in forestry

Bianca, W., 1965:
Reviews of the progress of dairy science. Section A. Physiology. Cattle in a hot environment

Denamur, R., 1971:
Reviews of the progress of dairy science. Section A. Physiology. Hormonal control of lactogenesis

Keogh, B.P., 1971:
Reviews of the progress of dairy science. Section B. The survival of pathogens in cheese and milk powder

Gibson, E.A., 1965:
Reviews of the progress of dairy science. Section E. Diseases of dairy cattle. Salmonella infection in cattle

Edwin, E.E.; Lewis, G., 1971:
Reviews of the progress of dairy science. Section E. Diseases of dairy cattle. Thiamine deficiency, with particular reference to cerebrocortical necrosis--a review and discussion

Mccoy, J.H., 1966:
Reviews of the progress of dairy science. Section F. Milk-borne disease

Anonymous, 1969:
Reviews on and prospects for the development of agricultural science in the U.S.S.R

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Revisao do genero Hippocrepis Travassos, 1922 (Trematoda)

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Revisao do genero Ophidascaris Baylis, 1921 (Nematoda, Ascaridoidea)

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Revisao do genero Raillietnema Travassos, 1927 (Nematoda, Gosmocercidae)

Machado, D.M.ndonca, J.; Oliveira Rodrigues, H.D., 1968:
Revisao do genero Seuratia Skrjabin, 1916 e redescricao da especie Seuratia shipleyi (Stossich, 1900) Skrjabin, 1916 (Nematoda, Spiruroidea)

Ergens, R., 1964:
Revise helmintofauny ryb z uzemi Ceskoslovenska II. Rod Allocreadium Looss 1900 (Trematoidea: Allocreadiidae)

Wert, S.L., 1969:
Revised aerial volume table for estimating Spruce and Fir mortality in Minnesota

Sunderman, F.W., 1966:
Revised calculations for total serum proteins by refractometry and for total base (and sodium) by conductivity

Mesavage, C., 1968:
Revised calculator for Baff and Stroud dendrometers

Becklund, W.W., 1964:
Revised Check List Of Internal And External Parasites Of Domestic Animals In The United States And Possessions And In Canada

Mok, S.T., 1967:
Revised forest classification for the forest resources reconnaissance survey

Hawkins, W.W., 1970:
Revised recommended intakes of protein in the dietary standard for Canada

Fox, S.P., 1971:
Revised tables of sizes for double-tapered pitched glued-laminated beams

Sen, S., 1969:
Revising agricultural credit problems to sustain the green revolution

Zukel, M.C., 1969:
Revising booklets on fat-controlled meals. Background information on nutrient composition

Drozdz, J., 1970:
Revision de la systematique du genre Angiostrongylus Kamensky 1905 (Nematoda : Metastrongyloidea)

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Revision der Arten der Gattung Paragyrodactylus Gvozdev et Martechov, 1953 (Monogenoidea: Gyrodactylidae)

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Revision der Choniolaiminae und Selachinematinae (freile-bende Meeres-Nematoden)

Brzeski, M., 1964:
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Rezultati ispitiv-anja efikasnosti nekih nematocida na korijenove nematode (Meloidogyne spp.) u staklenicima

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Rhabditic Dermatitis In The Dog

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Rhe-ology and texture of foodstuffs

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Rhigonema ornata sp.n. (Nematoda, Rhigonematidae) from the millipede, Xenobolus carnifex in India

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Rhigonema thysanophora sp.n. (Nematoda: Rhigonematidae) from the millipede, Euryurus erythropygus Brandt, 1841

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Rhinovirus strain as a possible cause of equine respiratory infection

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Rhinosporidiosis In A Horse

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Rhinosporidiosis of the nose

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Rhinosporidium seeberi-its cultivation and identity

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Rhinosporidium seeberi; a preliminary study of the morphology and life cycle

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Rhipidocotyle lepisostei Hopkins, 1954, in gars caught in freshwater

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Rhipidocotyle spec. (Trematoda, Gasterostomata) als neu gefundener Parasit von Perca fluviatilis L

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Rhizina undulata

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Rhizina undulata Fr., a new forest disease in Finland

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Rhizobial studies

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Rhizobium japnicum and inoculant production in South Africa

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Rhizobium strains recommended by the Institute of Microbiology and Agricultural Industries

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Rhizobium synthesized phytotoxin: an inhibitor of beta -cystathionase in Salmonella typhimurium

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Rhizoc-tonia group causing the rice sheath spots in the temperate and tropical regions, with special reference to Pelficularia sasakii and Rhizoctonia oryzae

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Rhizocalyx abietis Petrak, the perfect state of Rhizothyrium abietis Naumoff

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Rhizoctonia aerial blight of Soybean caused by Thanatephorus cucumeris (=Pellicularia sasakii)

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Rhizoctonia and scab diseases of Potatoes

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Rhizoctonia blight of Florida raffle fern and its control

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Rhizoctonia blight of Safflower and varietal resistance

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Rhizoctonia carotae Rader a new and important pathogen to Carrots in Denmark

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Rhizoctonia crown rot and cavity spot of muck-grown Carrots

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Rhizoctonia disease (sharp eyespot) of the Wheat stalk in Italy

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Rhizoctonia disease of Potato in the Kursk region

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Rhizoctonia disease of snap beans

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Rhizoctonia fragariae Hussain et McKeen in Italy

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Rhizoctonia fruit rot of Tomato: the influence of fungicidal and biological factors on disease development

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Rhizoctonia infection of tubers after haulm removal by burning in seed-potato growing. Report on interprovincial trials in 1969 (Series 653)

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Rhizoctonia leaf and flower-bud infection of Azalea

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Rhizoctonia leaf blight of Azalea

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Rhizoctonia rot can be successfully controlled

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Rhizoctonia seed and root rot of avocado

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Rhizoctonia soil rot and buckeye rot of Tomatoes: observational differences in susceptibility

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Rhizoctonia solani as a parasite of tulips

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Rhizoctonia solani as cause of a root rot in tomatoes

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Rhizoctonia solani in seeds of small grains and other plants

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Rhizoctonia solani versus Pythium myriotylum as pathogens of Peanut pod breakdown

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Rhizoctonia solani, a fungus which can do much damage

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Rhizoctonia solani: mitotic division in vegetative hyphae

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Rhizoctonia stem rot of carnations

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Rhizoctonia stem-rot of Coriander

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Rhizome and stem rot of Peppermint caused by Phoma strasseri

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Rhizome and tiller development of Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis L.) as influenced by photoperiod, cold treatment, and variety

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Rhizome and tiller development of Kentucky bluegrass. Poa pratensis L. as influenced by photoperiod, vernalization, nitrogen level, growth regulators, and variety

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Rhizome development in the lowbush blueberry as influenced by temperature and photoperiod

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Rhizome differentiation in yellow nutsedge

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Rhizomorph initiation and growth in Armillaria mellea promoted by o-aminobenzoic and p-aininobenzoic acids

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Rhizophagus in mycorrhizal association with Litchi chinensis Sonn

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Rhizophoraceae alkaloids. Part I. Four sulphur-containing bases from

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Rhizopoda: Testacea in some soils of the Vladeasa Mountains (Rumania)

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Rhizopus rot of chicory in Punjab, India

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Rhizosphaera kalkhoffii on Spruce in Arizona

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Rhizosphere and rhizoplane fungi

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Rhizosphere and seed mycoflora of soyabean

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Rhizosphere fungal flora of certain Euphorbiaceous plants

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Rhizosphere fungal flora of certain legumes

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Rhizosphere fungi of two cultivated legumes

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Rhizosphere microflora of Coffee plants affected by decline disease

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