Section 15
Chapter 14,652

Revision of the family Chlamydiaceae Rake (Rickettsiales) : unification of the psittacosislymphogranuloma venereum-trachoma group of organisms in the genus Chlamydia Jones, Rake and Stearns, 1945

Page, L.A.

Tnt J. syst. Bact 16: 223-252


DOI: 10.1099/00207713-16-2-223
Accession: 014651674

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Since 1945, taxonomists have made seven attempts to define the family Chlamydiaceae Rake which includes the aetiological agents of psittacosis, lymphogranuloma venereum, and trachoma. These bacteria are often designated by the vernacular term, PLT group of agents. It was concluded that all of the species of the PLT group properly belonged in a single genus. Therefore, their unification in the genus Chlamydia Jones, Rake and Stearns, 1945, is proposed.

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