Section 15
Chapter 14,661

Selection of pigs for growth rate and backfat thickness

Kabanov, V.D.

Vest, sel'.-khoz. Mauki. Mosk., 16: 8


Accession: 014660810

Parents were mated according to the following scheme: high x high, low x high, high x low and low x low (for growth rate), and thick x thick, thin x thin, thin x thick and at random (for backfat thickness). The sire-component h2 of body weight at 7 mth of age in 119 pigs was 0-28 and in 119 pigs 0-04; for backfat thickness at 90-100 kg body weight it was 0-24 and 0-82. Corresponding dam-component h2s were 0.20 and 0.34, and 0-43 and 0-34.

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