Serum lipids in newborn rabbits with reference to starvation and injury

Elphick, M.C.

Biology of the Neonate 17(5): 410-419


ISSN/ISBN: 0006-3126
PMID: 5557415
Accession: 014663328

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Newborn rabbits were kept in beakers in a water-bath at 35 degrees to 36 degrees C. Those born naturally had fed and were returned to the mothers for 10 min each morning to feed; newborn rabbits normally feed only once a day. Those born by induction with oxytocin got only tap water. Blood was taken at birth or at age 24 h from unfed rabbits and at age 48 and 72 h from fed and unfed rabbits. The fed rabbits were starved for 24 h before.