Serum lipids, blood coagulation and changes in blood vessels during intermittent feeding of cholesterol to rabbits

Pfleiderer, T.; Kommerell, B.; Wagener, H.; Krauland, W.

Ztschr. ges. exp. Med 139: 122-138


Accession: 014663335

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Rabbits aged initially between 2 and 4 months were in 2 groups; 22 controls were given commerical diet for 13 months, and 20 test rabbits had the same diet with a supplement of cholesterol 1 and sunflower oil 3% in 2 periods of 86 and 98 days with about 6 months interval on stock diet alone. In the 2 groups only 11 rabbits and 1 survived to the end of the study; 3 in each group were killed for anatomical studies at different stages and the remainder were all found dead in the cages.