Sire x sex interactions and sex differences in growth and carcass traits of Angus bulls, steers and heifers

Tanner, J.E.; Frahm, R.R.; Willham, R.L.; Whiteman, J.V.

J. Anim. Sci 31: 1058-1064


Accession: 014666228

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Data were obtained over a 3-yr period on the pre-weaning growth rate and weaning weight of 487 Aberdeen-Angus calves, and on the feedlot performance to slaughter at 168 days post weaning and 14 carcass traits of 394 calves. Age of dam (no 2-yr-olds) was a significant source of variation only for 205-day weaning weight, although it approached significance for pre-weaning rate of gain.