Section 15
Chapter 14,669

Soil organic phosphorus : I. Methods for the extraction and partial fractionation of soil organic phosphorus. II. The nature of soil organic phosphorus. III. Patterns of organic phosphorus in a series of representative New Zealand soils

Martin, J.K.

N.Z. J. agric. Res 1: 723-735; 736-749; 750-760


Accession: 014668859

Extraction of organic P from a black loam by several acidic and alkaline reagents was investigated. The proportion of total organic P extracted by acid solutions varied from 3 % with 0.1 n HC1 to 85 % with 10 n H2SO4. There was evidence for some degree of selective extraction by K2CO3 and NH4OH solutions. In the procedure adopted, three serial extractions with 0.3M KOH each lasting one hour at room temperature followed acid pretreatment; 83 % of the total organic P was extracted.

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