Section 15
Chapter 14,674

Some factors affecting the propagation of lowbush blueberries by softwood cuttings

Sender, W.J.

Proceedings American Society Hort Science 86: 301-306


Accession: 014673358

An experiment was conducted to study the influence of clone, of type of cutting wood and season, and of a rooting hormone on the rooting of lowbush blueberry softwood cuttings. Excellent rooting, up to 99%, was obtained if cuttings were made under optimum conditions. Cuttings taken in late June and early July, when the shoots were in active growth, had a high rooting capacity. After terminal dieback occurred (July 10) and shoot elongation ceased, cuttings rooted poorly. Marked differences in rooting capacity were found among the 3 clones studied. Cuttings made from vegetative shoots arising from underground rhizome buds rooted consistently better than those made from 1-year old aerial stems. Indolebutyric acid had no influence on the induction and development of roots.

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