Some indices of the carcass composition of Dorset Horn Top Cross lambs. 1. Measurements on the live body and carcass, the composition of sample joints and their relationship to carcass composition

Khandekar, V.N.; Goldstone, C.L.; Mcmanus, W.R.

J. Agric. Sci 65: 147-154


Accession: 014674019

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For 66 Dorset Horn crossbred lambs of average liveweight 70 lb. 6 measurements were taken on the live lamb and 8 on the carcase and 24 half carcases were dissected into separable muscle, fat, bone and waste. Of the measurements on the live lamb length of fore-cannon bone gave a good indication of total bone in the half carcase. That length and length of hind leg were correlated with the measurements on the carcase.