Some notes on Sevin-resistance in the house fly, Musca domestica domestica and M. domestica vicina

Ikemoto, H.

Botyu-Kagaku. 29: pt. 4, 68-73


Accession: 014674616

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The following is based largely on the English summary. An account is given of the development of resistance in a strain of Musca domestica domestica L. (SCR) and in one of M. d. vicina Macq. (a Takatsuki strain) by topical treatment of adults of both sexes with acetone solutions of carbaryl (Sevin) at increasing dosages allowing 10-30% survival. Before selection began, the LD50's of carbaryl for the females of the two strains were 2.92 and 4.53 mu g. per fly, respectively.