Section 15
Chapter 14,687

Studies of the root system of rice plants grown in the saline paddy field. 2. Development of root system in relation to the soil profile of paddy fields coated with marine deposits

Kawai, M.; Ikemoto, S.; Horiuchi, E.; Et Al.

Mem. Ehime Univ. Sect. VI 12: 83-98


Accession: 014686638

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To counteract soil subsidence, large areas of paddy fields in 1954 were reclaimed by applying marine deposits. This led to salt injury. The severity and type of injury depended on depth and physical properties of the applied layers and on the cultivation system used. In the applied layer, salt contents were greater in clay than in sand, and increased with depth. In the underlying soil, the salt content was greater in the upper part owing to penetration from above.

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