Studies on artificial polyploid forest trees VI. On internal morphological characteristics of colchitetraploid Pinus densiflora S. et Z

Kim, C.S.

Res. Rep. Inst. For. Genet., Suwon. 6, 65-73


Accession: 014687818

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The study revealed: a tendency for an increase in the number of resin canals and endodermal cells in cross-sections of needles; an increase of 70-80% in the width and thickness of the central cylinder of a needle compared with those of 2n trees, and some displacement of that cylinder; the presence of 2-5 vascular bundles in some needles; and a significant increase of 44% and 5-26% in the length and width of tracheids respectively compared with those of 2n trees (but no significant difference in the size of tracheids from different parts of the same tree).