Studies on chemical composition and feeding value in forage crops. 12. An influence of level of nitrogen fertilization and stage of maturity on chemical composition and feeding value of aftermath Sudan grass forage (Sorghum sudanense Stapf)

Miaki, T.

Jap. J. Zootech. Sci 39: 122-126


Accession: 014688328

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For part 11 see Abst. 6787, Vol. 38. 12. The effect of 48 kg N compared to 12 kg N per 10 ares on the aftermath of Sudan grass generally was to increase the crude protein (CP) and fat contents, digestibility of CP, fat and N-free extract estimated with rabbits, TDN, and yield of digestible crude protein (DCP) and TDN and to decrease N-free extract, fibre and lignin.