Section 15
Chapter 14,689

Studies on chemical composition and feeding value in forage crops. 13. Effect of stage of maturity in spring and the time of repeated harvest in regrowth period on the chemical composition and feeding value of Ladino clover (Trifolium repens tatum) grown in the warmer Setouchi district in Japan

Miaki, T.

Jap. J. zootech. Sci 40(8): 341-8


Accession: 014688329

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Ladino clover Oregon sown broadcast at 5000 g/ha in autumn 1965 was cut at various stages in 1966 and 1967, chopped into 2-cm pieces and fed to rabbits. As plants matured in spring, CF and lignin contents increased but CP content fell markedly; K content also fell slightly. Ca content declined by 0-26 percentage units/day from the early vegetative to the early flowering stage but TDN content hardly changed.

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