Studies on chemical composition and feeding value in forage crops. 9. An influence of level of nitrogen fertilization, stage of maturity and growth phase on chemical composition and feeding value of Bahiagrass

Miaki, T.

Jap.J. zootech. Sci 38(5): 187-93


Accession: 014688334

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A 1-year-old sward of Paspalum notatum was top-dressed in Apr. with 10 or 40 kg N/10 are. Data on plant height, chemical composition and digestibility of the herbage are given for 5 stages of maturity including the early-heading stage of the regrowth. The higher level of N resulted in a considerably higher CP content and lower NFE content than the lower level, particularly in young herbage, but there was little difference between levels in effects on CF or crude lignin. The higher level of N generally gave higher values for digestibility of DM, CP and CF.