Studies on comparison of paddy- and upland-rice. 1. Comparison of development of leaves on the main culm and the primary tillers of paddy- and upland-rice grown under paddy- and upland-field conditions

Choi Hyun Ok.

Res. Reps Off. Rur. Develop. Suwon 7(1): 113-22


Accession: 014688502

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Under paddy-field conditions, upland rice showed a constant rate of leaf development. However, a reduction in growth rate at a later growth stage was shown by swamp rice under paddy conditions and by both types of rice under upland conditions. Intervals between leaf formation were closer in swamp rice under paddy conditions, but in upland rice under upland conditions. Under upland conditions, upland rice developed primary tillers from the first nodes, but they lacked vigour; otherwise primary tillers developed from the second node. The number of tillers was larger in swamp rice than in upland rice under paddy conditions, but almost the same under upland conditions.