Studies on comparison of paddy- and upland-rice. 2. Comparison of the growth and yield of paddy-and upland-rice grown under paddy- and upland-field conditions

Choi Hyun Ok.

Res. Reps Off. Rur. Develop. Suwon 7(1): 123-30


Accession: 014688503

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The period of heading and the culm length were longer in swamp rice than in upland rice and the panicle length was shorter under all conditions. Under upland conditions the culm length, panicle length and panicle number of swamp rice were decreased, but upland rice showed an increase in all quantitative characters. Swamp rice gave high yields under paddy conditions, but only 24-41% of these yields under upland conditions. Although upland rice yielded less than swamp rice under paddy conditions (154-318 yield units compared with 285-379), its yields were not markedly reduced under upland conditions. Under paddy conditions, rice cv. Pultal and Nong-kwang were the highest yielding; under upland conditions, upland cv. Rikoto Norinmochi-1 was the highest yielding. F. Eng. s.