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Chapter 14,689

Studies on deepfreezing of boar semen. VI. Effects of rapid freezing on survival of boar spermatozoa

Bamba, K.; Taniguchi, T.; Kojima, Y.; Iida, I.

Jap. J. Anim. Reprod 14: 60-64


Accession: 014688711

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Semen from 3 boars was diluted and cooled slowly to 10 degrees C, further extended and then sealed in 1 ml. glass ampoules. The following cooling rates were used: 1 degrees C per min. from 10 degrees to -10 degrees C; 3 degrees C per min. from -10 degrees to -25 degrees C; 5 degrees C per min. from-25 degrees to -79 degrees C.

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