Section 15
Chapter 14,691

Studies on milk fat dispersion. II. The globule-size distribution of cows' milk

Walstra, P.

Netherlands Milk and Dairy Journal 23(2): 99-110


ISSN/ISBN: 0028-209X
Accession: 014690432

Size distribution of fat globules (FGSD) in milk from individual cows (mostly Friesians, and a few Jerseys) at different stages of lactation was determined by Coulter counter, fluorescence microscopy and spec-troturbidimetry (see part I, DSA 31). Contrary to data in the literature, the results showed a high proportion (-80%) of small globules of <1 mu m diam. comprising 1-2% of the fat and 6-8% of the globule surface. A few unusually large globules (<8-10 mu m diam.; 1-2% of the fat) were also found regularly. Thus the peculiar FGSD curve was composed of 3 sub-distributions. Although the average globule size varied considerably from cow to cow, the shape of the curve was remarkably constant and can be adequately described with only 2 parameters-milk fat % and average globule size. The average number of globules in 10-9 ml Friesian milk was -15 vs. 1.5-3.0 usually quoted.

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