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Studies on rooting of cuttings. V. Effects of auxins and organic nutrients on rooting of cuttings of Justicia gendarussa, Linn. taken from stock plants grown under various levels of nitrogen

Sen, P.K.; Sen, S.; Basu, R.N.

Indian J. Plant Physiol 8: 36-49


Accession: 014691504

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The influence on the rooting of semi-hardwood cuttings was studied of IBA and NAA, 6 organic nutrient substances (glucose, sucrose, asparagine, and glutamic, oxalic and succinic acids), 3 levels of N and the presence or absence of leaves. The presence of large amounts of soluble carbohydrates in the cuttings, treatment with IBA and NAA and the presence of leaves all had a beneficial effect on root formation.

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