Section 15
Chapter 14,694

Studies on the changes of the milk casein by various treatments. Part II. The effect of frozen storage on the milk casein

Nakanishi, T.; Itoh, T.

Agric. biol. Chem, 29: 12, 1099-103


Accession: 014693026

Protein that flocculated during storage of frozen skim-milk (3-6 wk. at -5 degrees C, 8-11 wk. at -10 degrees C, 14-20 wk. at -20 degrees C) was resolved into 4-5 peaks by moving boundary electrophoresis with veronal buffer containing 7M urea. The protein was identified as almost entirely casein and the starch gel electrpphoretic pattern was almost identical to that of acid-precipitated casein, but the Ca content of the flocculated protein was -2.65 %.

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