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Studies on the dietary requirement and interaction of magnesium with antibiotics in turkeys to 4 weeks of age

Sullivan, T.W.

Poultry Sci 43(2): 401-405


DOI: 10.3382/ps.0430401
Accession: 014693678

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The magnesium requirement of Broad Breasted Bronze turkeys to 4 weeks of age was studied in 5 experiments. A diet composed largely of sucrose and isolated soybean protein was utilized in 4 experiments and a practical diet in one. Data pertaining to body weight gain, survival and feed: gain ratio were collected. For maximum body weight gain and survival, the requirement was greater than 365, but no more than 475 p.p.m. [parts per million]. The presence of an antibiotic supplement (66 p.p.m. of a 1:3 combination of penicillin-streptomycin) apparently did not affect the requirement. Supplementation of a practical ration with magnesium did not significantly increase the weight gain of poults. Analytical data indicated that 10 common feed ingredients contain ample quantities of the element for young turkeys.

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