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Studies on the difference in character of Indica rice from Japonica rice. 1. Effect of various applications of nitrogen on the growth and yield of panicle-number and panicle-weight type in Indica and Japonica rice

Nishi, K.; Kaneki, Y.

Jap. J. trop. Agric 11(3): 101-6


Accession: 014693679

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The relationship between the rate of applied N and grain yield was studied in a pot-trial using (a) the indica Kaladumai and Dular and (b) the japonica Honen-wase and Norin No. 17. Yields of all cv., especially group (a), responded markedly to increasing rates of N. Yield differences were associated with increases in panicle number and 1000-grain weight rather than with increases in grain number/panicle or percentage of ripe grain.

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