Studies on the difference in characters of indica rice from japonica rice. 2. Effect of top dressing at the stage of young panicle formation on the growth and the yield of panicle-number and panicle-weight type of indica and japonica rice

Nishi, K.; Kaneki, Y.

Jap. J. trop. Agric 12(2): 73-8


Accession: 014693680

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The effect of top dressing at panicle formation on growth and yield of rice was investigated in pot trials with the indica cv. Kaladumai and Dular and the japonica cv. Honen Wase and Norin 17. Grain yield/ hill was higher following a basal application rather than top-dressing for all cv., the increase being due to increased tillering and increased panicle number. Top-dressing after panicle formation increased 1000-grain weight for japonica but not for indica cv. Root activity/unit root weight and leaf N content after heading were greater in indica than in japonica cv. It was concluded that 1000-grain weight and % ripened grains could not be increased in indica cv. by top-dressing at panicle formation.