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Studies on the differences between the characters of rices of the Indian and Japanese types. I. On the effect of different rate of nitrogen application on the growth and yield of varieties of the panicle-number type and panicle-weight type in rices of the Indian and Japanese types

Nishi, K.; Kaneki, Y.

Nettai Nogyo/Jap. J. trop. Agric 11: 101-06


Accession: 014693681

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The indica panicle-number type Kaladumai responded best to nitrogen application followed in order by the panicle-weight type Dular and the corresponding japonica varieties Honewase and Norin 17. Improved yield was shown by panicle number and 1000-grain weight. In indica varieties root development did not keep pace with top growth, hence top/root ratio increased as growth continued.

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