Section 15
Chapter 14,695

Studies on the evapotranspiration of crops. 2. On the transpiration amount of paddy rice plants in paddy field and upland field conditions

Kato, I.; Naito, Y.; Taniguchi, R.; Kamota, F.

Bull. Tokai-Kinki natn. agric. Exp. Stn. 12, 39-63


Accession: 014694447

Studies similar to those reported in F.C.A. 16: 709 showed that rice cultivated under upland conditions had a higher water requirement (greater transpiration and less DM production) than under lowland (continuously flooded) conditions. This reduced efficiency of water usage has a bearing on the current interest in growing wet rice in traditional wet-paddy fields under upland conditions that allow direct-sowing and the use of other labour-saving machinery.

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