Studies on the metabolism of alpha -lipoic acid in childhood. 1. Effect of protein and amino acid composition in the diet on the biosynthesis of protein-bound lipoic acid. 3. Effect of dietary composition and anabolic steroid

Nakamura, T.; Kusunoki, T.; Konishi, S.; Kato, H.; Mibu, A.

J. Vitaminol., Japan. 11: 37-44


Accession: 014695894

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Groups of young male Wistar rats of 50g received purified diets in which the source of protein was 18% or 5% casein, or 18% zein supplemented with 0.5% L-lysine, 0.2% L-tryptophan, or both, or a diet with polished rice as sole source of protein, or with the 8 essential amino acids added to give the same amino acid composition as casein, or with omission of lysine, methionine, tryptophan, threonine or phenylalanine.