Studies on the utilization of soiling of forage grasses in warmer districts of Japan. 9. The feeding value in green forage, hay and silage of oats

Taji, K.

Jap. J. Zootech. Sci 38: 537-546. summaries and tables


Accession: 014698286

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For part 7 see Abst. 5776, Vol. 38. Reference to part 8 not found. 9. Oats sown in September and in November were given, as green fodder, silage or hay dried in hot air, to sheep in digestibility trials. Digestible crude protein of the forage decreased with maturity and after the boot stage total digestible nutrients (TDN) also were less than at the vegetative stage. Feeding value of hay showed the same tendency. Green fodder had significantly more digestible crude protein than hay.