Sugar beet for dairy cows and for fattening cattle and pigs

Palamaru, E.; Et Al.

Lucr. Stiint. Inst. Cercet. Zooteh., Bucharest. 22: 5-32


Accession: 014702501

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In different trials dairy cows were given during the main experimental periods of 30 or 35 days feed based on maize silage or maize and soya bean silage, in some groups with sugar beet, fodder beet or urea. In the first trial succulent feeds supplied 52% of the feed units (FU). Sugar beet, which was given in different ratios to silage, increased the yields of milk, milk fat, and 3.5% fat-corrected milk by from 18.2 to 29.6%. The ratio 1: 2 was recommended.