Section 15
Chapter 14,704

Suitability of ground hay in mixtures with concentrates for rearing calves using liquid fat-standardized milk and skim-milk

Pind'ak, J.; Haluza, F.

Zivocisna Vyroba 13(2): 101-08


ISSN/ISBN: 0044-4847
Accession: 014703013

2 groups of 8 Bohemian Red Pied heifer calves -9 days old received/calf up to 3 months of age liquid, fat-standardized milk (285 1) which was gradually replaced by skim-milk (240 l); both were soured as in DSA 25. In addition from 3 wk of age supplements of concentrates, a mixture of lucerne, clover and grass hay (whole for 1 group, ground for the other) and a vitamin mixture were fed.

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