Symbiotic nitrogen fixation by some summer (kharif) legumes of the Punjab. 3. Residual effect of nitrogen fixed on the subsequent non-legume crop (wheat) and overall nitrogen status of the soil

Singh, R.; Singh, N.; Sidhu, G.S.; Bhatia, I.S.

Journal of Research. Punjab Agricultural University 7(4): 495-500


ISSN/ISBN: 0048-6019
Accession: 014706423

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In pot trials, the fresh matter of 6 inoculated legumes Sesbania aculeata, S. macrocarpa, S. sericae, Crotalaria juncea, Vigna sinensis and Cyamopsis tetra-gonoloba grown with or without superphosphate was incorporated into the soil at 50 days after sowing and wheat was sown 60 days after the incorporation.