Synergistic influence of 3-indolebutyric acid and alphanaphthalene acetic acid on the rooting of air layers of chiku (Achras zapota L.) var. Kalipatti

Sulladmath, U.V.; Kololoi, S.D.

S. Indian Hort 17: 9-17


Accession: 014707185

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Two-year studies are discussed on the rooting response of sapodilla air layers to IAA, IBA, NAA and IBA + NAA at concentrations between 5, 000 and 20, 000 p.p.m. The rooting percentage was highest (90%) and rooting was earliest (16 weeks) following treatment with IBA + NAA (10, 000 p.p.m.), the corresponding figures for the untreated controls being 40% and 38-40 weeks, respectively.