Section 15
Chapter 14,725

The cuticular waxes of apple leaves and fruits and the cuticles of pear fruits during growth

Fernandes, A.M.S.; Batt, R.F.; Martin, J.T.

A. R. Long Ashton agric. hort. Res. Stat. 1964. 110-18


Accession: 014724498

The levels and distribution of the wax components in apple leaf and fruit cuticles during growth are reported. Esters and ursolic acid predominated in the leaf wax, young leaves were waxier than fully expanded leaves, and more wax was recovered from the dorsal leaf surface than from the ventral. Ursolic acid was the chief component of the fruitlet wax; esters increased as the fruits matured. Wax composition is discussed in relation to wetting and to the penetration of mercury.

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