The economics of high-concentrate beef production as affected by breed-type, sex, supplementary hay and type of cereal

Owen, E.; Davies, G.M.

J, Agric. Econ 19: 219-230


DOI: 10.1111/j.1477-9552.1968.tb01327.x
Accession: 014728536

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Friesian, Welsh Black x Friesian and Charollais X Friesian bullocks and heifers, 72 in 3 groups, were given diets with ground barley 87 and a protein, mineral and vitamin supplement 13% with or without 1 lb hay, or ground maize 87 and the supplement 13% with 1 lb hay daily. All cattle were fed individually to appetite to 800 lb liveweight for heifers and 900 lb for bullocks. All breeds and crosses had significantly different growth rates and feed conversions.