Section 15
Chapter 14,733

The effect of heat treatment on the nutritive value of milk for the young calf. VIII. The effect of the pre-heating treatment of spray-dried milk on the pH and the contents of total, protein and non-protein nitrogen of the pyloric outflow

Tagari, H.; Roy, J.H.B.

Br. J. Nuir 23(4): 763-82


Accession: 014732738

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4 Ayrshire bull calves, between 8 and 34 days of age and fitted with duodenal and ileal re-entrant cannulae, were given diets containing spray-dried skim-milk that had received a severe pre-heating treatment at 74 degrees C for 30 min (milk A) or a mild treatment at 77 degrees C for 15 sec (milk B); 50% of the non-casein N was denatured in milk A.

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