Section 15
Chapter 14,734

The effect of long-term application of fertilizers and of crop rotation on weed infestation on arable land

Dospekhov, B.A.

Izv. timiryazev. sel'.-khoz. Akad, 3, 51-64


Accession: 014733866

Near Moscow, weed infestation and species composition of the weed flora were compared in winter rye, potatoes, oats/red clover mixture, red clover, and fibre-flax grown in rotation and as monocultures for 55 yr. The comparison also included the same monocultures to which MCPA had been applied yearly for 8 yr. Weed infestation was much less severe in the rotation than in corresponding crops grown continuously, except in potatoes which remained relatively free from weeds.

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