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The fate of fertilizer nitrogen applied to paddy fields and its absorption by the rice plant. III. Fate of top-dressed nitrogen in the soil and its absorption by the rice plant

Wada, G.; Shoji, S.; Takahashi, J.; Et Al.

Proceedings of the Crop Science Society of Japan 40(3): 287-293


Accession: 014742887

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The fate of top-dressed 15N-enriched (NH4)2SO4 applied to rice at 25 and 30 kg N/ha was investigated. NH4-N persisted longer in the ploughed layer when applied during the early growth of the rice. After harvesting, 3-10% of the fertilizer N remained in the ploughed layer. N recoveries were higher from plots to which N had been applied at the panicle-formation stage.

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