Section 15
Chapter 14,746

The genus Collinsia. XXII. Trisomy in C. heterophylla

Garber, E.D.

Bot Gaz 125(1): 46-50


DOI: 10.2307/2473389
Accession: 014745259

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Approximately 25% of progenies from crosses between diploid seed-parents and a spontaneous 3n plant included trisomics. The frequency of trisomics from self-pollinated or female trisomics ranged from 5 to 50%. The frequency of PMC's (pollen mother cell) with a trivalent in trisomics ranged from 21 to 74%. Seed-set was greatly reduced in trisomics compared with diploids. The phenotypic alterations of trisomics could not be satisfactorily used to identify different trisomes. Trisomes from the 3n and from colchicine treatment were compared with respect to 5 characteristics and found to be completely different.

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