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The genus Collinsia. XXIII. A paper-chromatographic study of flower extracts from fourteen species and four interspecific hybrids

Garber, E.D.; Stromnaes, O.

Bot Gaz 125(2): 96-101


DOI: 10.2307/2473269
Accession: 014745260

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Paper chromatograms of flower extracts exhibited 44 compounds: 9 seen by visible light, 19 by UV, and 16 by UV using ammonia fumes. The interspecific hybrids gave compounds not found in either the parental spp. or the genus; compounds found in the spp. did not occur in extracts from the interspecific hybrids. Although chromatographic patterns could be used to characterize each sp, the patterns did not provide meaningful clues to their relationship. Chromatograms from interspecific hybrids did not indicate the parentage of the hybrids.

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