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The improvement of fine/coarse-wooled, crossbred ewes by mutton-wool, semifine-wooled rams in the semi-desert conditions of south Kazakhstan

Ermekov, M.A.; Skorobogatov, J. A.; Rahimzanov, Z.A.

Vest. sel'.-khoz. Nauki. Alma-Ata 13(1): 40-43; 103


Accession: 014747925

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A new breed group, the Kazakh mutton-wool semi-finewool, was created by crossing local fat-rumped ewes with rams of fine-wooled and semifinewooled breeds. There are currently about 7000 sheep of the type (2nd-4th generation inter-se crossbreds) Low-producing ewes of fine/coarse-wooled type were bred to rams of the new breed group, and the progeny were also subsequently bred to rams of the new group.

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