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The influence of mineral fertilizers on the growth of Scots Pine seedlings

Komlenovic, N.

Zemljiste i Biljka, Beograd. 16(1/3): 71-7


Accession: 014750264

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Describes pot trials on (a) a pseudogley from an Oak/Hornbeam stand, (b) an acid brown soil from a heathland, and (c) special substrates of dead Spruce needles with or without peat or sand, all untreated or treated with N, P, K, Mg in various combinations and ratios. Relative effect in one-year seedlings on dry weight production in needles, stem and roots (and for (a) and (b) 2-year seedlings), and mineral content is shown. The effect of fertilizing was greater on (b), the poorer soil.

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