The influence of nitrogen fertilization, plant population and irrigation on yield and value of Burley tobacco and returns above added costs

Atkinson, W.O.; Byers, G.B.; Fuqua, J.E.

Tobacco International 172(2): 39-42


Accession: 014750350

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In field trials in 1964-67, ammonium nitrate was broadcast at 100, 200 or 300 lb N/ac on Burley tobacco at plant population densities of 6700, 8040, 10 060 or 13 400/ac (24, 20, 16 or 12 in, respectively, between plants in rows 39 in apart) in irrigated and non-irrigated plots. 200 lb N/ac gave significantly higher yields than 100 lb N/ac in 2 years, but 300 lb N/ac did not increase yields further. The value/100 lb tobacco generally declined at rates of > 100 lb N/ac.