Section 15
Chapter 14,756

The metabolism of radium in dairy cows

Sansom, B.F.; Garner, R.J.

Biochemical Journal 99(3): 677-681


ISSN/ISBN: 0264-6021
PMID: 5964964
Accession: 014755759

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Administration of large doses of 45Ca+224Ra to 2 cows resulted in clinical and metabolic disorders (D.S.A. 26). A 2nd pair of cows was given 2 me. 224Ra+2 me. 45Ca intravenously, followed 11 wk. later by 5 me. 224Ra + 5 me. 45Ca administered orally. No clinical disturbances occurred and the contents of these isotopes in milk, urine and faeces were determined.