The physiological assessment of the nutrient status of plants. 2. The effects of the nutrient status of the plant with re-spect to phosphorus, sulphur, potassium, calcium, or boron on the pattern of leaf area response following the transfer to different nutrient solutions. 3. Experiments with plants raised at different nitrogen levels

Bouma, D.; Dowling, E.J.

Aust. J. agric. Res 17(5): 633-46; 647-55. Bibl. 3; 6


Accession: 014761082

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Young subterranean clover plants raised at several levels of P, S, K, Ca or B were then transferred to complete nutrient solutions or solutions deficient in one of these elements, and responses were measured in terms of leaf area increases. In general, plants grown at below-optimum levels of any element showed leaf area differences 3 days after transfer to solutions with and without this same element, but not when transferred to a solution deficient in another element.