Section 15
Chapter 14,766

The quality of feed protein for laying hens. 10. Effect of a high proportion of wheat, fertilised late with N, with a supplement of L-lysine compared with a complete feed for laying hens

Gruhn, K.; Kopsel, H.

Arch. Geflugelzucht Kleintierk 17: 105-127


Accession: 014765066

10. In each of 2 trials, lasting 6 and 7 months, 2 groups of 300 White Leghorn pullets kept on deep litter in poor conditions were given feed and water to appetite. One group had a standard feed and the other a mixture with wheat, given N fertilizer at a late stage of growth, 70, maize 9, dried forage 4.5, yeast 2, groundnut oilmeal 6, fishmeal 1 and L-lysine 0.2%. Both feeds had about 14% crude protein and the same amounts of amino acids, minerals, vitamins and trace elements.

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