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Advantages and disadvantages of bordeaux mixture and of lime-sulphur used on apples in the growing season
Observations on the Umaria marine bed
10 years of hearing conservation in the Royal Air Force
Chocolate crumb - dairy ingredient for milk chocolate
Effect of daily gelatin ingestion on human scalp hair
Comparison of rice bran and maize bran as feeds for growing and fattening pigs
The composition of pampas-grass (Cortaderia argentea.)
The Accraian Series:
The mechanism of the Liebermann-Burchard reaction of sterols and triterpenes and their esters
Cerebrovascular Doppler ultrasound studies (cv-Doppler)
Toria: PT-303 - first national variety
Hair growth promoting activity of tridax procumbens
Productivity of Pekin x Khaki Campbell ducks
A stable cytosolic expression of VH antibody fragment directed against PVY NIa protein in transgenic potato plant confers partial protection against the virus
Solar treatment of wheat loose smut
Swimmers itch in the Lake of Garda
Bactofugation and the Bactotherm process
The effects of prefrontal lobotomy on aggressive behavior in dogs
Visual rating scales for screening whorl-stage corn for resistance to fall armyworm
Breakdown of seamounts at the trench axis, viewed from gravity anomaly
Kooken; pennsylvania's toughest cave
Recovery of new dinosaur and other fossils from the Early Cretaceous Arundel Clay facies (Potomac Group) of central Maryland, U.S.A
Zubor horny (Bison bonasus) v prirodnych podmienkach Slovensku
The extended Widal test in the diagnosis of fevers due to Salmonella infection
Hair of the american mastodon indicates an adaptation to a semi aquatic habitat

List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 14769

Chapter 14769 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

The resistance of spores of resistant strains of Botrytis cinerea to quintozene, tecnazene and dicloran
, Ann. appl Biol 68(3): 271-279 (1971)

The resistance of spring Wheat to covered and loose smuts in W. Kazakhstan
, Trudy prikl Bot. Genet. Selek 43(3): 70-77 (1971)

The resistance of spring Wheat to races of loose smut
, Trudy prikl. Bot. Genet. Selek 43(3): 52-59 (1971)

The resistance of spring wheat cultivars to soil-moisture deficiency and their ability to restore their protoplasm to the normal state
, Sb. Trud. Aspir. molod. nauch. Sotr., Vses. Inst. Rasteniev, 8: 12, 16-22 (1967)

The resistance of spring wheat to Hadena sordida
, Selekcija i Semenovodstvo (Breeding and Seed-growing) 29(5): 65-66 (1964)

The resistance of spring wheat to brown rust
, Izv. Kuibyshevsk. s.-kh. in-ta. 23, 53-59 (1969)

The resistance of spring wheat to loose smut
, Sborn. Trud. Aspirant, molod. nauc. Sotrud. vses. nauc.-issled. Inst. Rasten. (Rec. Wk. Postgrad, jun. sci. Ail-Un, sci.-res. Inst. Pl. Indust 9(13): 15-20 (1968)

The resistance of standard and promising varieties of sugar beet to Pleospora bjoerlingii and root rot
, Auyl saruasylyk gylymynyn habar Sysy 9, 17-20 (1968)

The resistance of subspecies of G. hirsutum to Verticillium wilt
, Nauka. Taskent, 121-24 (1966)

The resistance of sugar cane varieties to smut inoculum from C.B. 45-3
, Biologico 31: 65-6 (1965)

The resistance of the aetiological agents of actinomycosis and nocardiosis to some environmental factors. II. Survival in distilled water and in simple aqueous solutions
, Zentbl. Bakt. ParasitKde. 215(2): 234-244 (1970)

The resistance of the blossom of some sour cherry varieties to spring frost
, Jugoslovensko Voearstvo 4(13): 39-42 (1970)

The resistance of the cabbage moth (Barathra brassicae L.) to bacterial infections
, Izv. sib. Otdel. Akad. Nauk SSSR, pt. 3, 116-119 (1969)

The resistance of the cabbage to Fusarium wilt
, Trud. har'kov. sel'skohoz. Inst. (Trans. Har'kov agric. Inst.). 56(43): 119-21 (1966)

The resistance of the causal organism of stem rust in wheat to fungicides having a defensive action. (A symposium of articles concerning questions of utilizing chemicals in plant protection.)
, Vsesojuz. Nauc.-Issled. Inst. Zasc. Rast, Leningrad, 22-26 (1964)

The resistance of the codling moth (Carpocapsa pomonella L.) to methoxychlor in Lublin province
, Roczniki Nauk Rolniczych, Seria A-Roslinna 95(3): 313-324 (1969)

The resistance of the main varieties of garden and field Turnip to diseases during storage of root crops
, Byull. vses. Inst. Rasteniev, 1971: 17, 46-49 (1971)

The resistance of the nematodes Rhabditis sp. and Anguina tritici to drying and low and extremely low temperatures
, Zoologicheskii Zhurnal 48(5): 658-668 (1969)

The resistance of the world collection of Wheat to black and brown rusts during 1968-69
, Ochr. Rost 6(4): 237-244 (1970)

The resistance of three Solanum species to Myzus persicae, Macrosiphum euphorbiae and Aulacorthum solani (Aphididae : Homoptera)
, Annals of Applied Biology 68(3): 245-251 (1971)

The resistance of timber to chemical attack
, For. Prod. Newslett. C.S.I.R.O. Aust, 307, 3-4 (1964)

The resistance of tobacco hybrids in the F1 generation to necrotic strain of virus Y and blue mould (Peronospora tabacina)
, Biul. cent. Lab. Przem. tyton., Krakow, 1-2, 3-18 (1964)

The resistance of tobacco seed to high temperatures
, Tabak. Mosk., 4: 27-8 (1965)

The resistance of tobacco varieties and hybrids to Peronospora
, (News Min. Product. Stock. agric. Prod. Armen. SSR). 7, 39-45 (1964)

The Resistance of Tortoises, Testudo Graeca L., against Toxocara Canis Infection
, Zeitschrift für Parasitenkunde 25: 387-392 (1965)

The resistance of tubers of potato varieties to potato blight (Ph. infestans
, Genetika a Slechteni 5: 55-59 (1969)

The resistance of varieties and hybrids of Yaltushkov monogerm sugar beet to disease
, Novye prienty i melody bor'by s boleznyami sakharn. sveklv. Kiev, Ukrain. SSR, 53-58 (1969)

The resistance of varieties and hybrids of tobacco to downy mildew
, Deghekakir Haykakan SSR Kidutyunneri Akad. : Biol. Kidutyunner (News Acad. Sci. Armen. SSR : Biol. Sci.) 18(8): 3-9 (1965)

The resistance of varieties and hybrids to herbicides
, Kukuruza (Maize). 8, 56-57 (1964)

The resistance of varieties of a world collection of potatoes against blackleg
, Rostlinna Vyroba 16: 687-692 (1970)

The resistance of varieties of a world collection of potatoes to soft rot (E. carotovora
, Genetika a Slechteni 4: 139-46 (1968)

The resistance of varieties of sour cherry to Coccomyces
, Mikologiya i fitopatologiya 3(5): 434-438 (1969)

The resistance of varieties of the world Potato collection to E. carotovora
, Rostlinna Vyroba 16(7): 687-692 (1970)

The resistance of varieties to tuber damage in the German Democratic Republic
, Proceedings of the third triennial conference of the European Association for Potato Research, Zurich, 1966. 267-68 (1966)

The resistance of various cultivars and species of Chrysanthemum to white rust (Puccinia horiana Henn.)
, PL Path 17(1): 19-22 (1968)

The resistance of vars. and forms of a Flax collection to Fusarium wilt
, Trudy prikl Bot. Genet. Selek 43(3): 141-146 (1971)

The resistance of wheat and barley to soil-drought at various stages of their development
, Sb. Trud. Aspir. molod. nauchn. Sotr. Vses. Inst. Rasteniev 5: 193-5 (1964)

The resistance of wheat and barley varieties to stem pests and the influence of the environment on the degree of damage
, Sborn. nauc. Rab. sibir. nauc.-issled. Inst. sel'sk. Hoz. (Rec. sci. Wk. Siber. sci.-res. Inst. Agric, 12, 105-09 (1968)

The resistance of wheat- Agropyron hybrids (2n = 56) to the causal organism of wheat stem rust
, Zashchita rast, Moscow, USSR, Mos. rabochii, 80-82 (1969)

The resistance of wheats to races 54x and 3/55 of yellow rust in glasshouse and field tests
, Genetika a Slechteni 5: 215-20 (1969)

The resistance of wild Tomato spp. and vars. to Phytophthora infestans in the north-western zone
, Trudy prikl. Bot. Genet. Selek 43(3): 172-176 (1971)

The resistance of winter rye cultivars to flooding, snow mould and Fusarium rot of seed
, Trudy mosk. Old. vses. Inst. Rasteniev 1: 164-74 (1964)

The resistance of winter rye to common root rot
, Sborn. Trud. Aspirant, molod. nauc. Sotrud. vses. nauc.-issled. Inst. Rasten. (Rec. Wk. Postgrad, jun. Sci. Ail-Un, sci.-res. Inst. Pl. Indust.) 9(13): 121-25 (1968)

The resistance of winter wheat to bunt and disinfection factors for this crop
, Trud. har'kov. sel'skohoz. Inst. (Trans. Har'kov agric. Inst.). 50(87): 41-49 (1966)

The resistance of winter wheats to drought linked to their aminoacid composition
, Fiziol. Rast. (Pl. Physiol.) 15(4): 680-87 (1968)

The resistance of winter-rye varieties to waterlogging, snow mould and grain Fusarium
, Trud. Mosk. Otd. vses. Inst. Rasten. (Trans. Moscow Sect. All-Un. Inst. PI. Industr.). 1, 164-74 (1964)

The resistance of wood of the green-barked and dark-barked forms of Aspen to Phellinus tremulae in artificial conditions
, Ukr. bot. Z 25(1): 29-34 (1968)

The resistance of wood to cutting in rotor-type machines
, Lesn. Z 12(6): 73-7 (1969 )

The resistance of young Spruce stands to atmospheric influences
, Sozial. Forstw., Berl 17(2): 57-9 (1967)

The resistance potential of Anopheline and Culicine mosquitoes to cholinesterase inhibitors
, Wld. Rev. Pest Control 8(2): 86-94 (1969)

The resistance to Monilia cinerea of sour cherry varieties from the collection at the Maikop Experimental Station
, Trudy po Prikladnoi Botanike, Genetike i Selektsii 43(3): 241-245 (1971)

The resistance to Oscinella frit of maize samples differing in cold resistance
, Agrobiologija (Agrobiology). 147-49 (1964)

The resistance to Phytophthora in F1 tomato hybrids
, Trudy po Prikladnoi Botanike, Genetike i Selektsii 43(3): 168-171 (1971)

The resistance to airflow of dry and soaked vegetable seeds
, J. agric. Engng Res 14: 344-9 (1969)

The resistance to chemicals of the warty layer in wood fibres
, Holzforschung, Berlin 20(3): 101-3 (1966)

The resistance to deformation of particle boards made from Beech and Scots Pine
, Holztechnol., Dresden 7(4): 277-81 (1966)

The resistance to erosion of soils of Spruce and Walnut forests in Kirghizia
, Pocvoved, 3, 143-8 (1970)

The resistance to frost, drought and lodging of some whiter wheat varieties and new Rumanian lines
, Analele Institutului de Cercetari pentru Cereale si Plante Tehnice - Fundulea, C, publ. 1970. 36: 85-102 (1968)

The resistance to lodging of irrigated wheat
, Sb. Trud. Aspir. molod. nauch. Sotr., Vses. Inst. Rasteniev, 8: 12, 35-40 (1967)

The resistance to mastitis of cows of various breeds and its heritability
, Sb. nauch. Rab. vses. nauchno-issled. Inst. Zhivot, 2, 72-76 (1966)

The resistance to virus S in some potato varieties and the possibility of removing virus S during seed production
, Zuchter 34: 219-25 (1964)

The resistant level of the housefly to several synthetic insecticides in Saitama Prefecture, Japan
, Jap. J. sanit. Zool 16(3): 253-254 (1965)

The resistence of mites of the complex of T. telarius to chemical control materials on different food-plants
, Bulletin de la Societe Entomologique d'Egypte 48: 61-73 (1965)

The resources and utilization of sawmill waste
, Derev. Prom 17(8): 14-5 (1968)

The resources of farm families in 1963 for personal consumption
, Ekon. Poljopr, Beograd 12(6): 444-53 (1965)

The respective competitive positions of the cultivation of seed potatoes in France, the Netherlands and the Federal Republic of Germany
, Stud. Agr. Wirt., IFO-Inst. Wirt.-Forsch, Munchen., 7, 178 (1969)

The respective roles of fondatrices and gallicolae in the morphogenesis and histo-cytological development of two galls of Chermesidae, as shown by the
, C.R. Acad. Sci., Paris. 264D: 7, 933-5 (1967)

The respiration and absorption of phosphorus and potassium by maize roots as influenced by the light spectrum
, Ukr. bot. Zh 24(1): 15-20 (1967)

The respiration and germination of cacao seeds as related to their moisture content
, Turrialba 14: 155-6 (1964)

The respiration and respiratory enzymes of inbred lines and interline hybrids of maize
, Sborn. Rab. molod. Uc. gorsk. sel'skohoz. Inst. (Rec. Wk. jun. Sci. Gorsk agric. Inst), 2, 90-94 (1967)

The respiration characteristics of ocean bay sediments and selected marine isolates
, Dissertation Abstracts 26: 6306-6307 (1966)

The respiration climacteric in apple fruits. Biochemical changes occurring during the development of the climacteric in fruit detached from the tree
, New Phytol 64(1): 158-167 (1965)

The respiration climacteric in apple fruits. Biochemical changes occurring during the development of the climacteric in fruit on the tree
, New Phytol 64(1): 152-157 (1965)

The respiration climacteric in apple fruits. The action of hydrolytic enzymes in peel tissue during the climacteric period in fruit detached from the tree
, Phytochemistry 6(1): 1-12 (1967)

The respiration climacteric in apple fruits: some possible regulatory mechanisms
, Phytochemistry 6: 1343-51 (1967)

The respiration in leaf disks from younger taro plants under a moderate potassium deficiency
, Soil Sci. Pl. Nutr 15(6): 274-9 (1969)

The respiration in the roots of broad bean and barley under a moderate potassium deficiency
, Soil Sci. Pl. Nutr 14(5): 175-82 (1968)

The respiration intensity of the flowers of Rosa damascena
, C.R. Acad. bulg. Sci 17: 657-60 (1964)

The respiration of Ascaridia galli
, Biologoa, Bratislava, Seria B 24(8): 589-594 (1969)

The respiration of Charles Ingouf peaches during ripening
, Frutticoltura 31: 447-52 (1969)

The respiration of barnyardgrass seedlings as influenced by dilute solutions of herbicides
, Abstr. Meet. Weed Sci. Soc. Am, 25-6 (1968)

The respiration of developing potato tubers
, Eur. Potato J 7(2): 90-101 (1964)

The respiration of insects at reduced pressures. II. The uptake of oxygen by Tenebroides mauritanicus
, Entomologia exp. appl 12(4): 389-402 (1969)

The respiration of sclerotia of Sclerotium rolfsii
, Mycopathol Mycol Appl 33(2): 167-178 (1967)

The respiration of the soil beneath some Eucalyptus forest stands as related to the productivity of the stands
, Aust. J. Soil Res 7: 349-357 (1969)

The respiration of tissues infected by virus
, Bot. Rev 35(4): 372-392 (1969)

The respiration rate of Barley leaves infected by Pyrenophora graminea
, Studia Univ. Babes-Bolyai, Ser. Biol 14(1): 99-103 (1969)

The respiratory mechanism of spider mite eggs
, Z. angew. Ent, 63: pt. 2, 200-211 (1969)

The respiratory metabolism and the activity of normal nematodes and those affected by nematicides
, International Nematology Symposium (10th), European Society of Nematologists, Pescara, 8-13 Sept. 1970. 52-53 (1970)

The Respiratory Metabolism of Ascaris Eggs with Special Reference to the effects of Cyanide and Temperatures on the Oxygen Uptake of Late Developmental Stages
, Japanese Journal of Medical Science and Biology 18: 33-44 (1965)

The respiratory metabolism of resting tsetse flies
, J Insect Physiol 12(3): 287-297 (1966)

The respiratory metabolism of tsetse fly poparia in relation to fat consumption
, Bull ent. Res, 60: pt. 3, 351-358 (1971)

The Respiratory Pattern in the Tomato Fruit and its Alteration by Infiltration with Various Chemicals
, Plant Physiology 40(4): 611-614 (1965)

The respiratory quotient in the newborn pig
, British Journal of Nutrition 23(2): 407-413 (1969)

The respiratory response of the decerebrate domestic hen to inhaled carbon dioxide-air mixture
, J. Physiol, Lond, 184: 38P-39P (1966)

The respiratory system of the camel
, J. vet. Sci. U.A.R, Fac. of Vet. Med., Cairo University, U.A.R., 1: 39-61 (1964)

The respo of grass-clover and pure-grass leys to irrigation and fertilizer nitrogen treatment. I. Irrigation effects
, J. agric. Sci, 64: 185 (1965)

The response of Altaj maize populations to the Texas type of cytoplasmic male sterility
, Selekcija i Semenovodstvo (Breeding and Seed-growing) 31(6): 65-66 (1966)

The response of Bislig Dipterocarp forests to selective logging
, Philipp. Lumberm 16(3): 16, 18-20 (1970)

The response of Brown Leghorn and Light Sussex laying flocks to dilution of the diet
, Rec. Agric. Res 17(1): 13-17 (1968)

The response of Canada thistle ecotypes to 2,4-D, amitrole, and intensive cultivation
, Weed Sci 18(2): 253-55 (1970)

The response of Coffea arabica L. to mulch, compost and nitrogen fertilizer in Tanganyika
, Turrialba 14: 5-14 (1964)

The response of English Holly selections to ozone and sulfur dioxide
, Holly Letter 37, 6-7 (1970)

The response of Eragrostis curvula to nitrogenous fertilizer
, Proc. Grassld Soc. S. Afr 3: 29-31 (1968)

The response of Giant Rhodes grass (Chloris gayana Kunth) to heavy dressings of nitrogenous fertilizer
, Rhodesia, Zambia and Malawi J. agric. Res 5(1): 87-95 (1967)

The response of Guatemala, improved Guatemala and Hybrid Pioneer 309B corn to four levels of nitrogen and low levels of phosphate
, THAI-AUSTRALIAN CHAO PHYA RESEARCH PROJECT. First report to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Kingdom of Thailand. Part B, Canberra, Australia, Department of External Affairs, 66-70 (1969)

The response of Honduras Pine
, Carib. For 24(1): 53-5 (1964)

The response of Hylemya antiqua adults to hydrolized proteins and other materials: a laboratory study
, J. econ. Ent, Baltimore, Md. 58(3): 425-428 (1965)

The response of Kentucky bluegrass to soil residues of preemergence herbicides
, Weed Sci 17: 13-15 (1969)

The response of Larch and four other tree species to basic applications of commercial fertilizer
, Research Reports, Office of Rural Development, Suwon 7(2): 45-51 (1964)

The response of Laxton's Superb apple trees to different soil moisture conditions
, J Hort Sci 39(4): 254-276 (1964)

The response of Mer-ton Herat cherries to nitrogenous fertilizers
, Rep. E, Mailing Res. Stn, 129-133 (1968)

The response of Merton Heart cherries to nitrogenous fertilizers
, A.R. E. Malling Res. Stat, 1968. A51: 129-33 (1967)

The response of Mid-Century hybrid lilies to Quel, a new growth regulating chemical
, Bulletin, Pennsylvania Flower Growers, 242, 3-5; 13 (1971)

The response of Pangola grass (Digitaria de-cumbens Stent.) to rate and time of nitrogen application in Colombia
, Tropical Agriculture 41(1): 21-29 (1964)

The response of Pine cone scales to changes in moisture content
, Holzforschung, Berlin 22(4): 124-5 (1968)

The response of Pinus radiata to Sirex attack
, Rep. For. Prod. Aust. 67. 1967. 20-21 (1967)

The response of Quercus palustris to environmental factors
, Journal of South African Botany, Kirstenbosch, CP 37(3): 219-27 (1971)

The response of Rhagoletis pomonella (Walsh) adults and other insects to trap boards baited with protein hydrolysate baits
, Proc. ent. Soc. Ont., 1965. 95: 134-6 (1965)

The response of Satsuma orange trees to phosphate fertilization in field conditions
, J. Jap. Soc. hort. Sci 38: 230-8 (1969)

The response of Simulium (Eusimulium) euryadminiculum Davies (Diptera: Simuliidae) to some olfactory and visual stimuli
, Canadian Journal of Zoology 50(6): 793-800 (1972)

The response of Starkrimson apple variety to some vegetative rootstocks
, Rev. Hort. Vitic 16(2): 54-6 (1967)

The response of Sunflower genotypes to natural infection by Macrophomina phaseoli
, Pl Dis. Reptr. 54(10): 891-893 (1970)

The response of Teso Zebu milking stock to moderate levels of supplementary feeding
, East African Agr Forest J 31(4): 368-374 (1966)

The response of White Spruce (Picea glauca (Moench) Voss) shoot apices to exposures of chronic gamma radiation
, Radiation Bot 10(5): 457-67 (1970)

The response of a bird-wood grass/Townsville lucerne pasture to phosphate fertilizers at Katherine, N.T
, Aust.J. exp. Agric. Anim. Husb, Australia., 5: 17, 120-4 (1965)

The response of a permanent pasture to seasonal applications of methyl N-(4-nitrobenzenesulphonyl)carbamate
, Proc 9th Br. Weed Control Conf, 471-6 (1968)

The response of a predator, Hypoaspis aculeifer (Canestri) (Acarina : Laelapidae), to two species of prey
, Can. J. Zool 47(3): 343-345 (1969)

The response of a radiation-induced dwarf bean mutant to gibberellic acid
, Turrialba 17(2): 176-178 (1967)

The response of apical meristems of primary roots of Vicia fabo. L. to colchicine treatments
, Chromosoma 35(2): 217-232 (1971)

The response of apples, pears and plums to growth-regulator herbicides applied to the soil
, Proc 10th Br. Weed Control Conf, 738-44 (1970)

The response of apples, pears and plums to shoot applications of growth regulator herbicides
, Proc 9th Br. Weed Control Conf, 939-46 (1968)

The response of avocado and mango to soil temperature
, J. am. Soc. hort. Sci 94: 619-621 (1969)

The response of banana foliar growth to widely fluctuating air temperatures
, Agroplantae 2(3): 105-107 (1970)

The response of black currants and raspberries to repeated applications of high rates of soil-acting herbicides
, Rep. E. Malling Res. Stn, 1966, 94-8 (1965)

The response of black currants to different soil moisture conditions and two levels of nitrogenous fertilizer
, J. hort. Sci 45: 379-91 (1970)

The response of bone to metabolic acidosis in man
, Metabolism, Clinical and Experimental 15(3): 236-241 (1966)

The response of bred varieties of hemp to different doses of mineral fertilizers
, Selekc. Semenovod. Mezved. nauc. Sborn. (Breed. Seed-grow. Interdep. sci. Rec.). 7, 151-58 (1967)

The response of breeding sows and gilts of two levels of protein and food intake over several parities
, J. Agric. Sci 76: 73-82 (1971)

The response of carnations (Dianthus caryophyllus) to ethylene
, J. hort. Sci. 1968. 43: 335-49 (1968)

The response of cauliflowers to molybdenum application
, Agric, trop. Bogota. 20: 638-43 (1964)

The response of certain cultivars to different photoperiods
, Atti 4 degrees Conv. naz.Fragola, Cesena 1970. 255-67 (1970)

The response of certain maize forms to male sterility
, Izuch. prirody pyl'tsevoi steril'nosti i ispol'z. ee v selektsii s.-kh. rast, Kishinev, Moldav. SSR, Kartja Moldovenjaske., 48-53 (1969)

The response of certain nitrogen-fixing microorganisms to cobalt in the presence and absence of molybdenum
, S. afr. J. agric. Sci 11: 769-774 (1968)

The response of certain pre-harvesting climatic factors on sensitivity to sprouting in the ear of two-row barley
, Acta Agr Fennica Suomen Maataloustieteellisen Seuran Julkaisuja 107: 228-246 (1965)

The response of chamomile and valerian to liming
, Trudy vses. nauc.-issled. Inst. lekarstv. Rast 13: 155-60 (1968)

The response of chickens to vaccination with different concentrations of pigeon pox and fowl pox viruses
, Avian De 9(2): 237-241 (1965)

The Response of Chicks at different Laboratories to a Series of Diets Differing in Amino Acid Composition
, Poultry Science 44: 869-875 (1965)

The response of chicks, ducklings, goslings, pheasants and poults to graded levels of aflatoxins
, Poultry Science 49(5): 1346-1350 (1970)

The response of chicks to sodium sulfate supplementation of a corn-soy diet
, Poultry Science 49(6): 1605-1610 (1970)

The response of colostrum-deprived, specific pathogen-free pigs to experimental infection with Teschen disease virus
, Canadian Journal of Comparative Medicine and Veterinary Science 30(3): 71-81 (1966)

The response of commercial egg production stocks to experimental infection with Eimeria tenella and its relation to field mortality
, Poultry Science 47(4): 1197-1204 (1968)

The response of corn inbreds and hybrids to population density
, Proceedings of the sixteenth annual meeting of the Canadian Society of Agronomy, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 5-9 July, 1970. 21-22C (1970)

The response of cotton plants to nicotinic acid
, Khlopkovodstvo 12, 29-30 (1966)

The response of cotton to ionizing irradiation of seeds
, Hlopkovodstvo (Cotton Growing). 7, 44-46 (1964)

The response of cotton to various irrigation regimes in the Hula valley
, Israel J. agric. Res 14: 211-225 (1964)

The response of crops to soil cultivation, fertilization and soil reclamation on alkaline (Na) soils
, Talajtermekenyseg 3(1): 79-96 (1968)

The response of cucumbers (Cucumis sativus) to six nutrient solutions
, Acta agron, Palmira 16: 132-68 (1966)

The response of cut-flowers chrysan-themums to B-Nine preparations
, Puutarha 73: 480-1 (1970)

The response of dahlias to soil-applied herbicides
, Proc 9th Br. Weed Control Conf, 965-70 (1968)

The response of deer to a forest wildlife management program on the Mid Forest Lodge
, Dissertation Abstracts 25(2): 727-728 (1964)

The response of defoliation of different strains of Agropyron repens and Agrostis gigantea
, Proc 9th Br. Weed Control Conf, 149-55 (1968)

The response of different forms of white lupin to vernalization
, The role of fertilizers and other factors in improvement of productiveness of plants, 126-29 (1964)

The response of different maize forms to self pollination
, Kazah. SSR. Gylym Akad. Habarsysy (News Acad. Sci. Kazah SSR), 3, 52-59 (1964)

The response of different pear varieties to low humidity in summer 1966 in the foothill zone of the Crimea
, Sb. tr. aspirantov i molodykh nauchn. sotrudn. Vses n.-i. in-t rastenievodsiva 9(13): 393-397 (1968)

The response of female mice to repeated injections of human chorionic gonadotrophin
, Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 13(2): 321-327 (1967)

The response of fibre flax to MCPA at various levels of mineral fertilizing
, Izv. timiryazev. sel'.-khoz. Akad, 6, 134-44 (1968)

The response of fibre flax to MCPA with different rates of nitrogen fertilizer
, Izv. timiryazev. seV-khoz. Akad, 5, 113-21 (1969)

The response of flue-cured tobacco to irrigation in Rhodesia
, Tob. Forum Rhod 21: 13-15 (1966)

The response of four pea varieties to treatment with ethyl methanesulphonate under different conditions
, Genet, agrar 20: 395-411 (1966)

The response of free erythrocyte protoporphyrin to pyridoxine therapy in a patient with sideroachrestic (sideroblastic) anemia
, Blood 27(4): 557-567 (1966)

The response of fumitory to various herbicides
, Weed Sci 17(3): 355-58 (1969)

The response of gooseberries to non-tillage systems of management
, Horticultural Research 11(3): 166-176 (1971)

The response of grapefruit to different storage temperatures
, J. Amer. Soc. hort. Sci 96: 87-90 (1971)

The response of grass swards to nitrogenous fertilizer
, Proc. (10) int. grassld Congr. 1966. 204-209 (1966)

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