Section 15
Chapter 14,769

The ripening response of detached tomato fruits to daily exposures to high temperatures

Hall, C.B.

Proceedings Florida State Hort Society 77: 252-256


Accession: 014768893

Several tomato varieties and lines were held at 68[degree], 80[degree], 90[degree] or 100[degree]F for 8 hrs. daily for a 6-day ripening period beginning on the day of incipient color development. The fruits were held at 68[degree]F for the remaining 16 hrs. daily. There was a significant variety-temperature interaction for firmness of the fruits. Certain lines were much firmer at 90[degree] and 100[degree]F for 8 hrs. daily than some of the varieties, and they were as firm as fruits held only at 68[degree]F. The effect of temperature on color was similar for all varieties. The best color was attained at 80[degree] and 90[degree]F. Fruits held at 100[degree]F for 8 hrs. daily were colored as well as or better than fruits held continuously at 68[degree]F. The acid content was increased by holding the fruits at 90[degree] or 100[degree]F daily but not at 80[degree]F. The 100[degree]F fruits had the highest acid content. There was no effect of temperature on soluble solids or dry weight.

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